Another Strawberry Singh meme, and some education!

So here’s this week’s:
Meme instructions: Blog a tutorial and teach me something that you think I might not know about (even if I do, doesn’t matter, do it anyways). The tutorial can be something within Second Life (how to build, create tattoos or clothes, pick up guys at info hubs, tie your virtual shoelaces, whatever…) or something in Photoshop or on any social network (just focus on something sl-related somehow). Make it informative, make it hilarious, make it whatever you like! I’d just love to learn something from you that you may be good at and are willing to share. Remember to leave your link in this meme’s post so others can come by and learn too!

I thought I would take the opportunity to teach you a little about how I get the photos I get in SL that people just go so gaga over.  These are probably going to be pretty straightforward instructions to anyone who’s bothered with the in-viewer post-production tools, but here we go!

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Looking forward

So I started this blog mostly as a way to keep myself from getting crazy with stress over RL matters I am unable to fix in the immediate term.  I thought it might offer me a chance to practice some skills I already had (like, writing), and learn some new ones (like photo manipulation). I certainly didn’t expect that it would wind up being something people actually read, or even looked forward to reading.
I’m honored and flattered that you all want to see what’s new to me, and I really hope you’re enjoying the journey!

Here’s another one from my earlier visit to Venexia for you.  I liked this pose and the composition a lot, but one of the lovely residents of the sim happened by as I was taking the photo, and the train of her dress got caught in frame. Then I crashed and forgot what damned windlight settings I was using… ah well.  Still a pretty picture, and a nice show of the Scion suit from GlamDammit!, so here we are. Image

I hope everybody’s having a fun morning out there, and finding new and interesting things, wherever they’re exploring!  I have no idea what I’ll bring you next, but I promise I’ll do my best to keep things fresh.
(And if you haven’t yet, you REALLY REALLY REALLY owe it to yourself to check out my prior post, and to visit Sandalphon, a newly-opened sim full of one of the most compelling and consistent art installations I’ve seen inworld in a long while.)

Sandalphon: When Giants Walked The Earth

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

Genesis 6:4, KJV

Nigel Riel is someone I’ve had the honor of knowing for *coughreallyfreakinglong* a good length of time.  I’m always impressed by his artistic expression and his meticulous attention to detail.
He just opened up the sim he’s been working on for some time, at long last, to visitors.  Care to take a peek? Image

I’m only going to give you oh… one corner of this sim, I feel I should point out.  I’d like to let you explore and find the pieces of beauty that are here on your own, and appreciate them without me having drawn scales over your eyes.

I’m most fascinated by the gargantuan sculptures Nigel’s done in the place, myself. I’m only in this photo to provide some scale as to HOW huge.


They clutter the landscape here, these faceless giants, whether it be at the heart of the sim- Image

or atop the mountains.


(in that previous one, the plant at lower-left is something Nigel created himself, as well).

And there are other tidbits, as well as these cyclopean forms.  Like this little theatre.


You can explore Sandalphon by clicking on the last two-thirds of this sentence.

In Which I Am Not Maxfield Parrish

Nor am I Alphonse Mucha.

I got a rather amusing and curious piece of work the other day – a limited edition couture headdress from Gizza.  I believe they only sold 100 of them.  I have one, since it wasn’t TERRIBLY pricey to buy.  Looking at it put me in mind of Alphonse Mucha’s posters for Sarah Bernhardt’s shows in Paris, from back in the Art Nouveau era…


And I figured I should see what I could do as far as something comparable to Mucha’s posters with it.  And went some curious places.

So here’s the headdress unmodified.  It’s mod and copy-OK, so I can cheerfully tweak the living crap out of it and not really worry, as there’s an unmodified one in my inventory, which looks like this: Continue reading

Thoughts on photoshopped photos of SL

You know, sure, it’s awesome that you can get every little fussy bit just so and thus in Second Life photography with photoshop.  I’ve used it that way myself when (for example) the cuff of a shirt is cutting through my avatar’s thumb due to the pose that I’m using. 

Still, I tend to be more curious about what it Actually Looks Like in SL than I am about how you can dodge and burn and layer and brushstroke and so on.  Sure, you’re a talent photoshop wise, no question there!  But that doesn’t make an outfit that’s composed of porcupine spines that jab through your avatar every time you move any more impressive-looking when I’m in SL.
Dunno.  So anyway, that’s why I tend to NOT photoshop my pics within an inch of their simulated life: I’m sure you would rather see the build I found as I found it, as opposed to painted amazingly and startlingly by me and textured up exquisitely by me. I mean heck, a talented Photoshop artist can take a photograph of a freaking cube with plywood texture and turn it into something interesting to look at.  That doesn’t mean that when you go and look at it, it’ll be anything but a plywood textured cube…

So here, a dose of the surreal, since I feel guilty when I don’t post a photo.  I’ve stylecarded this outfit before. Image

And no, no post-processing was involved in the photographing of this carp.

A Scion of the Most Serene Republic

Ahh Venice, a gem of brick and mortar, tile roofs and canals, crystalline blue water and marble.  Bustling by day, and by night a medieval maze of walkways and bridges, piazettas and wellheads.

A beautiful beautiful place, and one that perhaps you’ve always wanted to visit.  You should visit- I recommend it highly!  But if it’s outside your travel budget, you have options…


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Something ‘New’ That I Am Not In Love With.

I understand the logic.  They move differently, you can shape them as you wish, they have actual texture and shape… but when did prim boobs and asses become such a big thing?

No no. A REALLY big thing.


I mean a GARGANTUAN thing.

These two lovely ladies turned up somewhere I was standing around, and while they were browsing around through the offerings in said shop or whateveritwas (I’ve deliberately photoshopped out any identifying markings), one of them was dancing.
All her prim attachments shifting around like she was wearing a quartet of water balloons 3/4ths full of vaseline.
It was, frankly, unsettling and more than a little disturbing.

Now seriously, look at the photo. Is ANYONE built like that, RL?  you could park a double old-fashioned on that backside, if the lady in question held still long enough. I’m all for modifying your avatar as far as you want to and as much as you want, but… this is an area like furry avatars, for me. I just don’t understand how someone would look at it and think ‘that’s hot’.  Yet these two ladies obviously at least thought of themselves as hot, and presumably got some reinforcement on that front from other folks.

I dunno.  I’d rather have a last tango in Paris than pairs of lastingly jiggly Tangos.