Marriage Equality’s Unfortunate Consequences (or Meanwhile, in California…)

So for some years, I and some RL friends have made much mock of the doubly-inaccurately-named moral majority in the US, and their handwringing and frenzied shrieking about the concept of gay marriage.  There was a 3-season-long TV show called “Drawn Together” which touched on the core of our opinons with a frenzied speech from the 1-dimensional white-privilege stereotype character, named Princess Clara:
“If gays get married, the institution of marriage will be destroyed! Societies will crumble! Rivers will run with blood! Nazis will once again ride on dinosaurs!!!
It’s probably my favorite joke from the whole series, to be honest, because of it being such an awesome illustration of the failures of logic on the far-right nutcase side of the universe.  Yes, of COURSE Nazis rode on dinosaurs, back in the days before Noah didn’t have room for the dinosaurs on the Ark and they all drowned. That’s why we find their fossils in sedimentary rock, right?  RIGHT???

The episode ends with this video clip:

All this is to prepare you with some context on why the following image exists.  I can only assume someone out there in the Bible Belt is convinced this is actually happening right now, in the Hollywood Hills or somewhere.  There is a cut tag because nobody should be FORCED to see nazis riding on dinosaurs. Continue reading

I Beat The Arcade

The final boss was hard.


I am wearing the tee*fy ‘feather headdress (RARE)’ from The Arcade, in this photo.  I had frankly assumed I’d never get it, but someone I knew got a spare in a trade, and we figured out what I could give her that she’d want in exchange for what I wanted.  Excellent!

I wanted it because of the frankly stunning level of detail in the textures, the beautiful sculpts.  It’s at The Arcade, for a limited time only (like, 2 more days!)

Boys of Summer at Depraved Nation (In Which We Are Official, and Play With Some Socratic Dialogue)

So the other day, i got signed on as a blogger for the Depraved Nation ‘Boys of Summer’ event.  This ought to be interesting!

Q: What’s this mean?
A: It means that in the forthcoming weeks, you’ll see posts from me about the various offerings that the Depraved Nation folks have lined up for the event. I imagine there will also be some new and exclusive items, they tend to get those in.

Q: OK, but what’s in it for me?
A: Aside from a passel of photos of yours truly in things you haven’t seen before to tempt you to crack open your wallet and part with your filthy filthy lindenbucks, The Boys of Summer is an event focused on Don Henley songs menswear from various designers, with an emphasis on summer.  So, I imagine we’ll be seeing plenty of tank tops, shorts, and sunglasses, just as an offhand.

Q: Oh that’ll be neat!  So what designers going to be there?
A: To my knowledge, Aitui, Belleza, deeR, Gabriel, Insanya, KOSH, Lapointe & Bastchild and Razor will all be there… I suspect Vengeful Threads might also be.  And probably many more!

Q: When does all this Summery Boyish goodness happen, then, Nath?
A: July 8 is the start and July 31 is the ending date.

Q: How do I find out more?
A: You can follow this blog, I’ll be posting about things.  Additionally, there is a link up at the top of this post, which I’ll repeat right here!

Q: Can I have a side of toast with what’s fresh in SL?
A: Sure: whole wheat, white, or sourdough?

I’m not including a photo, as I don’t want to confuse anyone into thinking that the summerwear I’ve got in my inventory right now is something that’s going to be at the Boys of Summer. 🙂

We probably all knew it’d come down to this.

So in a judgement that probably shocked all of nobody, the Supreme Court of the United States handed down a 5-4 decision on the question of California’s Proposition 8, which had overturned the state legislature and state court’s finding that marriage was a constitutional right in California and could not be denied to any pair of persons who wanted to get married.  It’s been a long strange trail of reversals and reverse-reversals. 

Jan 2000: California’s registration of same-sex ‘domestic partnerships’ begins.
Mar 2000: Proposition 22, approved by 61% of CA voters, sets an ‘opposite genders only’ bar to marriage in California.
Feb 2004: San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom decides that his city government is going to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
Aug 2004: California’s Supreme Court determines Newsom screwed up, and nullifies all 3000-odd marriage licenses issued and (presumably) duly solemnized.
Dec 2004: Federal appeals court hears a case on the matter of Prop 22.
Oct 2007: Governor Schwarzenegger vetoes a same-sex marriage law from the California legislature, saying that the courts need to issue a ruling on Prop 22.
May 2008: CA supreme court determines Prop 22 unlawful, declaring marriage a right guaranteed under the state’s constitution.
Jun 2008: the California Marriage Protection Act (later known as Proposition 8) is first floated before the eyes of the state.
Nov 2008: Prop 8 passes with 52% of the popular vote.
Now here’s where it gets even more annoyingly complicated!
August 2010: 9th Circuit Court Judge Vaughn Walker issues a finding on the matter of Schwarzenegger vs. Perry that calls the matter one of prejudice rather than justice.  Appeal is promptly filed by the defendants intervenors (note: Schwarzenegger and the CA justice department refused to defend the law, so the people who came up with Prop 8 chose to represent it in court.  This seems a fine point, but it becomes more important later on!).
Feb 2012: 9th Appellate Court agrees with Walker’s findings. Their findings also raise a question regarding whether the defendants-intervenors have authority (or ‘standing’) to defend in this matter, as they are not named parties in the suit.
Jul 2012: Defendants-Intervenors in Schwarzenegger v. Perry file a request that the Supreme Court of the US hear the case.
Dec 2012: SCOTUS announces they’ll be issuing a finding on the case, rather than simply denying the case had any merit.
Mar 2013: Opening arguments in the SCOTUS case regarding the matter.
Jan 26, 2013: A finding is finally issued.  However!  The finding is not ‘everybody should have the right to marry their partner’, but rather, ‘these defendants-intervenors had no authority here. Case dismissed.’

So where are we now?  Prop 8 is no longer a dog that will hunt.  Pro-bigotry idiots are claiming they’ll ‘fight it in the lower courts’, ignoring the fact that the US legal system doesn’t work that way.  Presumably, same-sex marriage in California will again be the law of the land sometime within the next month.
Right now, I’m just gonna take the tape off my mouth, because… yes, there is no H8. Image
And that’s what’s new!

Something You Probably Didn’t Know, and Something I’ve Never Done Before

So for those of you who pay attention to such things, today is National Catfish Day in the USA.  This notable holiday was first enacted in 1987 as a commemoration of the catfish farming industry, which at that time produced “the third highest volume of finned fish consumed in the United States” (I have no idea what the current statistics are). Continue reading

Happy 10th Birthday Second Life, and happy Second Pride!

So the Second Life birthday party has provided us all with a lot of things that are new and interesting- along with some remarkable looks at things old.  Marianne McCann put together a history walk that’s truly worth checking out!

Also this week, we have Second Pride, a celebration of the LGBT community in Second Life. There will be dancing in the streets, there will be parade floats, and there will be drag queens. Image

Join the festivities at the Second Pride sim, and find a schedule of events and SLURLs to join in the fun right over here!

A new irregular feature! Of things which are irregular!

Since I seem to come up with these left and right. This feature’s named: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

See, in Second Life, we can create all sorts of photographic environments. And sometimes they’re beautiful in how they mimic the real world. Other times… not so much.  So what’s wrong with this picture as an emulation of real life?  Image

Info on what’s wrong here after the cut! Continue reading


One of those weird days where every conversation seems to have the same root.  And I scratch my head and wonder again about why I think astrology is bullshit, because today is totally a venus-in-the-fifth-house day (I do at least know what the bullshit is framed as, even if I don’t believe in it).
Weeeird, though, when a half-dozen folks are wanting to have similar conversations with me.  Not weird that they’d all want to talk to me, or even would want to bring similar personal issues to me, but weird that it’s all within an hour of each other.
I’m gonna put on Robyn Hitchcock’s cover of ‘FunkyTown’ and see what I can do, here.  Here, listen to a good old-fashioned rock-and-weird boy from Paddington doing a very loving cover of a funkadelic tune.

“She began talking about art, of all things…”

-Kurt Weill, ‘The Seven Deadly Sins – Stolz (Pride)’
So yesterday, I got told that it was time to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the founding of ByrneDarkly Cazalet’s ‘Tart Gallery’.  Byrne curates a collection of artwork by artists who both are and are not inworld, in shapes and sizes suited to hang in your home in SL. Continue reading