At first I thought it a dream… (The Arcade, June 2013!)

At first I thought it a dream that I was in.
Lost , lost in a sea of glass and tin.
But no, so dipping my hand in the back of my jeans,
I grabbed a handful of coins to feed the machines.
“Step up and play,” each machine seemed to say
As I walked round and round the penny arcade.
“Just ring the bell on the big bagatelle
And you’ll make all the coloured lights cascade.”

Roy Orbison, ‘Penny Arcade’

So yeah, it’s that time of year again. The start of a new quarter, a new season, when The Arcade opens up to suck your wallet dry.

What’s there? Well. I’m so glad you asked.


The item from the Arcade in this photo are the two potted plants, the ‘Oolong Teacup Planters’ by ARIA, at a mere L$25 each!  I put out an iris and a moth orchid for variety.  But come inside, plenty more to see…So the first gacha I hit in the arcade was the Skylines blocks, from DIGS.  Because hey, who doesn’t want a skyline view in their apartment? And as my apartment’s the ‘Paris Loft’, I knew which one I had to get first… and of course, Schadenfreude always brings the awesome, so I wanted (and got) the sugar skull dress form.

dress form

And then I went after the Billiards dresser from Trompe Loeil, who is in a race with Circa for who can supply more of my home furnishings.  There were also Ohmai’s adorable little piglets in teacups (which even blink, they are too cute. There should be laws!) and the start of the Apple Fall ‘breakfast at Tiffany’s’ collection I intend to do, the ‘breakfast books’ in the middle here.  Also, the London skyline block from DIGS:


and then I finally found the gacha machine I’d come for specifically.  Balaclava is the kind of shop I wish I had the talent to do: it’s pretty obvious that the designer’s not only crazy talented, but takes glee in doing things nobody’s done before in SL, and in doing things in SL that you can’t do in the real world.  His gacha this time is called ‘Tricksters and their Treasures’, and I got kind of… intimate with it.

Here’s the Pipes of Pan, with the San Francisco skyline in the background:


And here’s the Coyote mask and tail, which comes with a pose HUD!  Shhh, don’t tell anyone Coyote’s sneaking in to steal the chickens:


But what I REALLY REALLY wanted was this:

The only thing missing is a horned helmet, a battleaxe, and Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’. Just imagine I’m rocking out to Zep right now, like a viking kitten.

And since I’ve been all over the world today, it seems like, one last: one of the World Traveller poses (which come with suitcases!), and the Baiastice ‘nude’ leather bracelet.

world traveller

So yeah, all of this is from gachas at The Arcade.  You can see the vendors’ preview images at The Arcade Shopping Guide and also, get SLURLs for the various machines in the Arcade (though right now, the sim is slammed: you’d do better to shop from the next sim via camera).
Go forth and shop, because this is what’s new today!

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