“Grab That Gretsch Before the Truth Hits Town” (The Arcade, June 2013)

“Grab that Gretsch before the truth hits town”
You whispered to me as they fell
And when I’m safe and sound, with nothing left to send

the bugle sounds again.
-Aztec Camera, ‘The Bugle Sounds Again

So a while back I realized that Nath looked not unlike the erstwhile frontman of Aztec Camera, one acoustic-guitar-wielding songwriting-genius named Roddy Frame.  I’ve loved the guy’s music for uhm… gee, decades now, and when I saw that this session of The Arcade had acoustic guitars in, I decided I knew what the photo I was going to take wearing one was.

This is the Standby ‘Classical Guitar [Drop]’, as well as the ‘Synthesizer’ from the ‘World Tour’ gacha that’s in The Arcade at the moment.  And here’s Nath trying to look like Roddy Frame circa 1984.


In addition to the instruments, the scarf is another prize from the gachas at The Arcade this month, the Milk Motion ‘Cotton scarf – heart – orange’.  While the colors aren’t exactly my style, I mostly picked this one out to showcase that yes, the scarf CAN be worn by a man, with a little finicking around with rotation of the mesh object this way and that. As I’m kind of a scarf junkie, I’ll likely go back and get some other colors / patterns of this beastie!


So yeah, more stuff from The Arcade. You can go to the Gacha Galley – an off-sim boat which floats near the pier that The Arcade’s built on – and shop from there. Here’s your taxi to the Gacha Galley.


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