Have You Seen the Little Piggies? (The Arcade, June 2013)


Have you seen the little piggies, sat in a teacup?
As for all the little piggies, they’re going to buck up
While you can’t drink up
They are the ba-con!
(with apologies to George Harrison)

I knew the Ohmai! teacup piglets were going to be trouble when I first saw them, as untextured sculpts on Anya Ohmai’s plurk.  The shapes were too cute.  And there were inklings of greater things to come.


“I wear a teacup now.  Teacups are cool.”

There are 21 of the blessed things. I have 6.  There may come to be more in my grubby little mitts.  It’s the fact that they blink, I think, which makes them irresistable.


“Expecto Porkonem!!”

OhMai did a set of royals (I haven’t seen those yet) along with some very amusing commons.  and at L$50 the pull, why not see what piglets YOU get at The Arcade? The Arcade Shopping Guide webpage on these little suckers is here.


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