Well I’m the Lucky Goon (The Arcade, June 2013)

Well I’m the lucky goon
Who composed this tune
From birds arranged on the high wire…

-Elvis Costello, “Couldn’t Call It Unexpected #4”

And so, another post about stuff from the June 2013 iteration of The Arcade. Here’s the Vespertine Fabric Birds (two red song birds, which are a solo item themselves) and a teal sleepy owl (RARE), tucked into the broken cage (RARE). Image

That’s the box the red birds came in, on the left.  Yes, even the packaging is charming.

I kind of fell in love with Vespertine a bit after last Arcade when they added an ‘owls’ suitcase to their in-store gacha for a little while.  I like owls.  Anyway…

Here’s the songbirds a bit more close-up:Image

And here’s the obligatory owl. Don’t ask why his eyes are closed, just put down the coffee, back away, and leave him be. Image

All of these can be found at Vespertine’s ‘Fabric Birds’ gacha, at The Arcade, for L$50 a pull!


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