Quietly, thank you!

While I started blogging about SL as just an experiment, and a pastime, it’s honestly become something of a commitment and a pleasure to me.  I have fun taking pictures of new things, finding things I didn’t know about and (hopefully) you didn’t know about too.  I do cultivate a weird relationship to seriousness around here: I take not being serious VERY seriously.  It’s just more fun for me and for you that way, I figure.
The fact I’ve gotten over 3100 views since early February, without joining any feeds or really doing much promotion at all?  Says to me that people must be having fun with it too. You wouldn’t bother reading if it was boring, right?
Thank you for entertaining my desire to amuse and to entertain.  I hope the next four and a half months are just as much fun for us all!
By the way, if you’re doing something fun inworld, or something interesting or unique, please do feel free to let me know about it: you might well wind up right here where you’re reading this!
Here’s a bit of a teaser from the new thing I found inworld today: more to come tomorrow, when I can give you more useful information.



2 thoughts on “Quietly, thank you!

  1. I owe you a HUGE apology (and a photoshoot). Your comment on my blog got queued for approval and I never saw the email alerting me. I’d love to still shoot you for a Now&Then portrait, or something else. – Kristine Kristan

    • Oh no worries: I figured you got elbow-deep with something or other and just missed it: I miss the queue of approve-these comments a lot myself! 🙂 Grab me whenever, I’m around inworld way too much, and why should I not do a pic if you want to?

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