“She began talking about art, of all things…”

-Kurt Weill, ‘The Seven Deadly Sins – Stolz (Pride)’
So yesterday, I got told that it was time to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the founding of ByrneDarkly Cazalet’s ‘Tart Gallery’.  Byrne curates a collection of artwork by artists who both are and are not inworld, in shapes and sizes suited to hang in your home in SL.


Not exactly a small thing, is it?  Tat’s me standing there in front of the dark patch that’s the landing pad, down near the shoreline.

To celebrate the Tart Gallery’s 6th anniversary, she and the artists she works with are offering 20some (I forget EXACTLY how many) different pieces for free.  That’s right, there are 20some pieces of art in the Tart Gallery currently selling at L$0.  I’m not going to pick one of them out and show you, as that would be cheating.  But you can go seek them out yourself in ByrneDarkly’s shop, by clicking here, and also can see a bunch of pretty artwork!

*   *   *

While we’re on the topic of art, I did a little bit of an homage to Henry Fuseli’s best-known painting recently, as an entry in The Arcade’s photography contest.  Presented without further comment, then: Image

This one’s on Flickr, too.

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