One of those weird days where every conversation seems to have the same root.  And I scratch my head and wonder again about why I think astrology is bullshit, because today is totally a venus-in-the-fifth-house day (I do at least know what the bullshit is framed as, even if I don’t believe in it).
Weeeird, though, when a half-dozen folks are wanting to have similar conversations with me.  Not weird that they’d all want to talk to me, or even would want to bring similar personal issues to me, but weird that it’s all within an hour of each other.
I’m gonna put on Robyn Hitchcock’s cover of ‘FunkyTown’ and see what I can do, here.  Here, listen to a good old-fashioned rock-and-weird boy from Paddington doing a very loving cover of a funkadelic tune.

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