Something You Probably Didn’t Know, and Something I’ve Never Done Before

So for those of you who pay attention to such things, today is National Catfish Day in the USA.  This notable holiday was first enacted in 1987 as a commemoration of the catfish farming industry, which at that time produced “the third highest volume of finned fish consumed in the United States” (I have no idea what the current statistics are).

Now, this afforded me some amusement, as there’s this movie called Catfish, you see… and a TV show that was spun off of it.  Clearly, I needed to make some observation of National Catfish Day, and Aley Resident had just what I needed! Image

The Catfish from Aley is L$0 on the marketplace, and so were the merman tail and pants I’m wearing (they’re the ‘Freebie merman tail’, if you have need).  I went to Calas Galhadon to take this photo in the waters off the coast of their Armenelos sim, and took photos of me pretending to be a merman, dancing with, well, a catfish.

And here’s another photo of the catfish, suitable (in the words of Mad Magazine) for framing or, er, wrapping fish.


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