Random Photos from The Arcade, and a Bit of a Thought about Depth of Field

So I have been wrapping up this session of The Arcade over the past few days, and got a couple of pretty pictures. Let me show them to you…

Here is the prize of prizes, apparently: people were just sick with want for the tee*fy headdress, this session.  I was exceptionally fortunate and got one!


I also took a couple of photos for The Arcade’s photo contest.  I was pretty pleased with this one (which Marianne McCann suggested), for a while…


I figured that staging a reenactment of the Vikings sacking Britain using pigs as the berserkers (pigzerkers?) would be fun.  But playing around with an emote hud – that is, something that animates your avatar’s face – and a few of the other items from the arcade wound me up with a far more beautiful photo than the above one.


So now, a few little tips on how these photos happened.

First off, for those of you new to playing with SL’s post-production environment, depth of field is the settings which allow you to imitate how with a real camera, things that are way up in front will be blurred, as the camera’s focus is further away than that, while things way in the back are also blurred, for the same reason.  You find these by hitting ‘control-P’ on your keyboard (apple-P on a mac, if memory serves) and then going into graphics settings.

What I was getting initially, using depth of field, had my face all blurry and the inside of the tent crisp, as I wanted the inside of the tent to be the center of the image, but I wanted my avatar to be what the focus was.  How did I conquer this one?  Good question, and we’ll come back to it.

Next question: the toy longship that I’m kneeling on in animates the kneeling, and is a worn item, rather than something you rezz and sit down on.  When you’re kneeling on it, it floats a bit off the ground, which is handy for sharing the details, but… how do you get it to be on the water? When you swim up to the surface and pause your avatar’s treading-water animation kicks in and takes over.  What do you do?

So a while back I had stopped around Nigel Riel’s place while he was playing with a photograph, and I realized that hey, you could use a transparent prim as a light source!  Why, I can do that, sure!  Thanks, Nigel!
This led me to thinking about other things I could do with transparent prims.  

How do I get the boat that just floats a bit off the ground to be at the right depth in the water?  Well, what I did was make a big flat invisible prim and put it under myself, then moved it up and down until the boat was at the right level.

The sleepover tent photo, I got the depth of field to put focus at my avatar’s head range in a similar fashion.  Rezzed up an invisible prim, floated it out there next to my head, then used IT as my point of focus.  Blammo, Nath’s face is in focus while the tent is not, but the tent is the center of the picture.

Invisible Prims: they’re not just for breakfast anymore!  Hope that tip is handy for your efforts at photography, and stay fresh, folks!

One thought on “Random Photos from The Arcade, and a Bit of a Thought about Depth of Field

  1. …So last night I dreamed about The Arcade, for the love of all that’s holy. To quote from conversation with one Shimmer Trenkins:
    Nath Pevensey (nathaniel.pevensey): I dreamed about SL and the Arcade last night. And weirdly you were in my dream, Shimmer. You and your sister Whisper Trenkins had competing gacha machines at the Arcade, and there was some Drahmuz going on, and I was trying to get ya both to chill and relate reasonably to one another. Waking up, I was like ‘A there’s a Whisper around at the Arcade but she’s not a Trenkins, B: Shimmer’s totally even-keeled and I can’t imagine having to do that, C: what was in their gachas anyways? WHY DO I NOT KNOW THAT?’. Oh and the arcade was two-stories deep in my dream.

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