Linky goodness, and no photos for a change

So I stumbled across this earlier tonight and thought I needed to share it.

And no, I am not looking for a partner in SL.  But I figured many of us who dink around with photography in Second Life might get a grin out of it.  As well as many of us who are not in Second Life at all and just thought that I did interesting photos.

Enjoy the read!

Ye Olde Scam

So.  Last night, I was wandering around The Boys of Summer and got IMed by one ’emiiliaredgrave’ about joining her group called ‘*Redgrave Fashion* GroupGift’.  She wanted me to spend L$500 to join her group.
My ears perked up a bit when this happened, as the designer at Redgrave Fashion is not ’emiiliaredgrave Resident’, but ‘Emilia Redgrave’.  I took a moment to take a peek and noticed that she was… 1 day old.  Continue reading

Fresh and New to me and HAPPENING RIGHT NOW

So in case you like Placebo, you may want to click on this SLURL, as there’s currently a live concert being fed into SL at Egoisme.

UPDATE: Damn, that was too short.  And really, it was kinda fun.  So the ‘Rebel Yell’ group exists to keep you aware of shows that’ll be streamed into SL with a group of folks out on a stage, dressed up as the band. 🙂