Blah, Blah, WordPress Stats, Blah

So I occasionally glance at statistics on my blog.  I find it interesting to see who comes from where, and what they’re looking at, and where they’re going – it’s a very passive form of feedback.  Seeing that 2000 people liked my post about uhm… wearable jellybeans, to pick a random topic, tells me that people are looking for information about jelly beans they can wear on their avatars, and tells me what content people are looking for.  So this morning, while on the phone RL, I decided to browse my stats.


The US and UK are almost always in the top batch of viewers I get, because hey, I write in English, and a large percentage of people who read in English live in those two countries.  I do blame my own Britophilia somewhat for the UK coming in above Australia or Canada.  But… 14 views from Sweden?  What brought you guys here?  Let’s look at stats on who looked at what… Image

so 18 people hit since about 12 hours ago.  Okay… and of those people (or perhaps not just of them, it might have been folks coming to it from their wordpress reader), 6 people hit my most recent blog post, which was a bit of a dribs-and-drabs post of pictures of goodies from The Arcade, and some tidbits on how to do photography.
So how, pray tell, did anyone find the link to the stand4love how-to, for that to be one of the outbound clicks from my blog? I don’t even get it: nobody went to the post and that data was behind a cut tag.  And what brought the Swedes to pay a visit?  Also, hello, Swedish folks! Hope you’re having a pleasant afternoon!

Ah well, weird stats are weird.


4 thoughts on “Blah, Blah, WordPress Stats, Blah

  1. We get a lot of people coming from google results and yet the stats never bother telling us what they searched for in order to find us. WordPress stats generally bring up some strange but interesting things. In the past 24 hours we’ve also have views from Thailand, Turkey and Japan to name a few – all really interesting stuff if not a little bit weird sometimes.

  2. The stats leave me scratching my head whenever I look them. I now just look at country visits an smile.

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