Boys of Summer – And A Firedance Through The Night

Breaking away with the best of both worlds
With a smile that you can’t disguise

And every minute I keep finding
Clues that you leave behind

ImageSave me from these reminders
As if I’d forget tonight


This time La Luna

I light my torch and wave it for the New Moon on Monday
And a firedance through the nightImage

I stayed the cold day with a lonely satellite…

-Duran Duran

* * *

I’ve always enjoyed the stuff A:S:S does, so it was a pleasure to crack open a pack of these Showoff Crop Shirts that Pho Vinternatt made as the A:S:S exclusive for Boys of Summer (starting on the 8th of July!).  They’re versatile, in that they go with anything that you’d wear a crop-top long sleeve shirt with (and really, that doesn’t limit the field too much, does it?).  They also fit nicely on my avatar: I didn’t need to resize anything at all for it to fit like a glove.

The shorts I’m wearing are from D-Style, the ‘Long Shorts Denim 09’.  What can I say, Pac-Man jeans shorts seemed just the thing this outfit needed.  And the blue A:S:S top goes very nicely with them, I think…

So yeah, another nice look from the Boys of Summer: more to come!

Skin: Logo “LOGO Eternity Tristan Skin – Pale – Clean Shaven Bk”
Hair: Uncleweb Studios “ Sepia-Hair (Resize) Black”
Eyes: FATEwear “FATEeyes”
Shirt: A:S:S – Showoff crop shirt – blue [M]
Shorts: Delerium Style “Boys of Summer Long Shorts Denim 09”
Sandals: Ziva’s Underground Footwear “!ZUF! Summer Nights Flip Flops”
Ring: GlamDammit! Jewelry “Gatsby Gents ring – antique gold”
Location: Calas Galhadon, BELEGAER sim


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