Today’s Novelty!

About… a week ago, maybe more, I hung out with my friend Nigel while he was playing around with his efforts towards the Hair Fair’s ‘Bandana Day’.  The idea behind this is to keep all you people about 10k lighter in render weight to help out kids who’ve lost their hair to chemotherapy.  See, there are kids who get cancer.  It’s an awful thing. And when you get cancer, often you get chemotherapy.  And when you get chemotherapy, often you lose some or most of your hair. 
Bandana Day, then, will be a day to wear a bandana to show solidarity with these kids – and also, to buy one because proceeds from the bandana sales will go to help these kids out.
Okay, turning off the Sarah McLachlan rendition of ‘In The Arms Of The Angel’, then, how does this touch on my life?  I haven’t created any real content in years.  So… what?
My friend Morsmordre Furman, who runs The Bitten Prim over in the Mieville sims, had a bit of an issue crop up. Seems that her desktop computer is not getting on with this whole ‘summer heatwave’ thing, and she couldn’t really do the photos for these items and had to have them out by tomorrow.  So I figured hey, I like taking photos… Image

Here’s one of the six she made, modeled by yours truly.  Bandana Day is going to be on July 28, and this will be the 6th Bandana Day!  Any resident can participate, just Visit the Hair Fair Blog to find out how!
Here’s another of the six that I did a photo of for Mo.  Neat textures, and hey, the hat’s resizeable (though there is NOT one of those handy scripts in it, so DO save a copy before you start playing with it!).


Those of you who have known me a while would probably find something either ironic or touching in me getting all into the idea of NOT wearing hair.  For those of you who don’t, I’d estimate that the biggest single set of objects in my inventory is hair: I’d guess I’m in four digits of inventory that’s individual hairs.
Anyway, that’s what’s new today: I modeled and shot some awfully basic ads!


6 thoughts on “Today’s Novelty!

  1. Sadly losing your is hair is part of the process, this is a great post, and you are great friend Nath, to do this for Morsmordre Furman. Can’t wait to pick one up. Thank you!

    • I’ve had more than a few friends who’ve been through chemo so yeah, it’s ugly and un-fun, and I can only imagine how miserable a kid would feel being the weirdo on the playground. :/
      I’m glad you’re intrigued: there’s one other with a hat attached (which is also resizeable), and 4 other “plain ol'” scarves, including a red polkadotted one she named Rosie after everybody’s favorite image of feminine strength from 1940s US:

      • yes I have children, and it would be terrible, to see one of them feel miserable, not intrigued in the sense of your pictures, rather intrigued, because its a great cause, and my aunt is right now, going through chemo, after being diagnosed with bone cancer. Once again, its a great cause for raising money and awareness.

    • Nath is one of the greatest people I have ever met. Not just because he saved my bandanna either. I am glad you will be grabbing some of the hair fair stuff in support!


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