Berry’s Monday Meme: the Haunted meme

So here’s Berry’s question for us all:

Meme Instructions: What are you afraid of? What are you haunted by? Share some of your fears and if you can, create an image depicting one of them. Don’t forget to leave your link in the comments!

This was an easy one for me to identify, but it took some doing for me to find the right place to photograph it.  My worst fear is falling.  Yes, I know, I shouldn’t be afraid of falling, I should be afraid of the landing part! But still, that’s how it is. I remember forcing myself to the edge of the observation deck on the Empire State Building.  I remember being 20some stories up in a hotel that had floor-to-ceiling bay windows, and finally going to get a look out and downwards… by crawling on my belly into the bay.
I suppose, really, as far as fears go, falling is a completely reasonable thing to be afraid of, and not terribly irrational.  Still, just taking this photo made me queasy RL:

I find that queasiness interesting, as plunging off a skybox and down a few thousand meters to the ground? Meh, whatever, doesn’t trigger any panicked reaction.  But walking over to the edge of Second Life’s Grand Canyon was hair-raising for me.

So yeah, now you know my secret worst fear ever.  There are other things I fear, but humans with flensing knives for fingers and heads like bare crow’s skulls, who have come to count all of the things, including my bones?  Those are far less likely to turn up outside of my nightmares.  I’m similarly unlikely to ever be in a position where I’m peeling the meat and skin off of my hand like a wet damp glove…

The photo here was taken at the Grand Canyon reproduction inworld, as I figured they’d likely have a good cliff or two.  They did!  They also had an SL reproduction of the Sky Walk, a remarkable feat of engineering where a loop of glass is hung in midair off the edge of the Grand Canyon supported by er, itself.  Well, presumably some of the support is also provided by the pants-wetting fear of millions of perfectly rational human beings who have millions of years of evolution telling them ‘IF YOU FALL THAT FAR YOU WILL DIE’.

The pose is Natya9 from Diesel Works.

Had rezz been available on the parcel I’d’ve put a banana peel under the one foot that’s on the ground.  😀


8 thoughts on “Berry’s Monday Meme: the Haunted meme

    • If it’s any comfort, this is apparently the most common phobia around. And really, the fear of plunging to your death from a great height is something that well… isn’t an irrational fear, is it? Millions of years of evolution have taught us that this is something to Not Have Happen to Us. 😉

    • My sympathies! I had to use a windlight setting with a lot of fog in it while doing the pose and getting myself situated: I couldn’t have borne staring at this for a half-an-hour while poking and prodding at settings and such. I suppose I captured that fear well, then. *half-grin*

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