The Boys of Summer – Locals Only

This beach is for locals only
Don’t they know they can’t surf on our beachImage
This beach is for locals only
Take your silly ass and get it off of our streets
ImageGonna have to kick you out, gonna have to teach you why
This beach is for locals only


Go into the local store and what do I see
ImageOut of town goons in front of me
Have no idea what they’re doing around here
I think I’ll hit ’em with this empty bottle of beer

Going into my waters and what do I see

Out of town assholes in front of me
All I want to know is what they’re doing on my waves

Gonna have to show ’em how we behave
– Agression, ‘Locals Only’

* * *

Back to the beach, bitches.

This was a bit of serendipity.  I often don’t blog about shapes and skins that I receive: I find that it takes a lot of effort to get a good match, and often, you wind up with a complete mess instead of a real look.  I’d looked pleasedly at the skin from Faruk that was at Boys of Summer, but it looked, to be genteel about it, like absolute shit on my shape.  I was babbling about this with a friend who said he had something I could borrow that’d work.

Holy hell, did it ever work.

The necklace in these two pictures is from GlamDammit, the Zodiac necklace that’s available at Boys of Summer.

Everything I’m wearing save for the hair and eyes is from the Boys of Summer: go there and check it out!!

Hair: Waka & Yuki ‘Apollo’ (no longer available inworld)
Eyes: FATEwear ‘FATEeyes v2.0’
Skin: Faruk ‘NATE/Sunkissed /Natural’
Tattoo: Little Pricks ‘Prisoner’
Shape: Novus Studios ‘Classic Male’
Shoes: Latreia ‘Nate Teal’ (anyone else starting to notice a theme, here…?)
Shorts: LMD ‘Long Shorts M Hunter’
Shirt: Xiaj ‘Sailor Tee (Blue)’
Necklace: Glamdammit! ‘Zodiac’
Surfboard: IE Surfin Aussie Style Surfboard Prop (Which is at Boys of Summer too!)
Location: Nostosdeer sim, Somewhere Mainland I’ve Forgotten

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