The Boys of Summer – Oh, what fun we had!

Lots of girls and lots of boys
Lots of smells and lots of noise
Playing football in the park
Kicking Pushbikes after dark
Baggy trousers, dirty shirt
Pulling hair and eating dirt


Teacher comes to break it up
Back of the ‘ead with a plastic cup.

Oh what fun we had
But, did it really turn out bad
ImageAll I learnt at school
Was how to bend not break the rules
Oh what fun we had
But at the time it seemed so bad
Trying different ways
To make a difference to the days…



So anyone who’s been following this blog for a while has seen the pair of pants in that first picture: Reila Skins (and presumably other things!) ‘Tartan Trousers 4’ and ‘Tartan Trousers 6’.  They were bought on a whim: I liked how the fabric looked so I thought I’d give them a go.  They were the first item of mesh clothing I fell in love wiith.

So looking over what was available at Boys of Summer I noticed hey… Reila’s there.  And what’s Reila offering? Reila is offering… Bermuda shorts!  Bermuda shorts with cuffs in the same tartan prints as the pants (though a smaller iteration of the prints)!  Oh yeah, I was so into these.

There are 6 color combinations in all: I didn’t use the ‘black’ ones as I just… didn’t feel as drawn to them.


The shirt in the first few photographs is the Urban Wealth ‘Ocean Tie Dye V-neck’ – one of Urban Wealth’s exclusives for Boys of Summer.  I have to say, this shirt looks great with those bermuda shorts!  And the mesh is actually quite a good one: I can wear a Medium of the shirt with a Medium of the shorts, despite the fact they came from two different designers!

The shoes are the new find from Boys of Summer that I’ve already blogged about: the Latreia ‘Nate Dragon’ shoes.

Additionally, a bit of beefcake, suitable for framing or wrapping fish:


Enjoy shopping Boys of Summer, guys!

And yes, that’s an SLURL for the sim where the event’s taking place, back there… and yes, there’s a fair bit of unisex stuff too, I’ve seen some GlamDammit! jewelery that a lady could wear, for instance…


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