Hair Fair 2013 (Achievement Unlocked: Guy Shopping: Expert Level)

I got into the Hair Fair in the wee hours of this morning about the exact moment that they let people in after restarting the sims.  I was back home by 01:03 SLT.  I only had one thing to target, and that, well.


This would be ‘Dylan’, the new release for guys from Wasabi Pills.  I’ve been a fan of Wasabi Pills since the first hair of theirs I tried on, the ‘Zack’: I’ve always liked the sort-of-collar-length, sort-of-shaggy look in hair.  Indeed, the first hair I got in SL was Naughty’s ‘The Outsider’, because it had that shaggy collar-length thing going on.
With the advent of mesh hair, I’d hoped to see some new takes on it, and ‘Zack’ was the first one I found, and loved dear!  But I wanted, I dunno, something a little mussier…


And a bit less even locks, too: the Zack has a gorgeous sleek look that’s ideal in some situations but in other situations I wanted something more casual.  Here’s Zack for a comparison:

So a friend of mine (Morsmordre Furman, the creator behind The Bitten Prim) got into Hair Fair early because they liked the scarves she did (which I’d blogged about earlier)!  pretty cool, huh?  She did some browsing, and as soon as I got inworld she IMed me to say she thought I might just like a particular hair.  She sent me the vendor image, and that piqued my curiosity so I asked if anyone I knew had a moment to show me the demo version.  Hope Leissa stepped up to the plate and showed it to me and well…


I turned my back on what I was doing at 12:58 SLT, and started trying to TP.  I got in, found the vendor, which looks like this:

clicked the right color, paid, and got out.  All in about 2:37.

Seriously, though, is this hair not awesome?


You can get ‘Dylan’ for L$250 at Wasabi Pills’ shop at the Hair Fair, and just so you know what a nice guy I am? Here’s an SLURL to the front door!

And that’s what is brand spanking new and fresh in Second Life today.

6 thoughts on “Hair Fair 2013 (Achievement Unlocked: Guy Shopping: Expert Level)

  1. It was great to tp you over, this hair looks awesomes on you Nath! Also, I love your blog title, achievement unlocked, priceless! huggs~

      • I shop sort of like this, except i use object area search, right click to make sure its the item.. i don’t even wait for stuff to rez and am out wikiwiki.. does that mean i get +100pts and bonus coins :O

  2. Wow, nice hair! Looks good on you mate! OK, I’m going to try and get in now… I may be some time lol

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