Summer Nights – The Boys of Summer

Oh how I’ve waited so long
For summer nights

When there’s magic in the air
And I don’t have a care
All that matters to me

Is that you are here
On summer nights.
There’s a little cafe
Where we can hear music play
They keep the lights turned down low
It’s a place where lovers go
There you’ll hold me tight and say
Our love will always be this way
On summer nights.
At the end of the day
We can go down to the bay
And together hand in hand
We will walk along the sand
On summer nights.


-The Smiths

* * *

So the end is nigh for ‘The Boys of Summer’ at Depraved Nation: only 4 more days are left to this event!  You can shop through the various stores that are there by clicking here, to go to the Metropolis sim: I took these photos at that sim, as a matter of fact.  Here’s one last look at me from this event: sometime in the next day or two, I’m going to be a link-fiend and hook you up with a bunch of other bloggers’ posts of their styling from this event, as there are a LOT of people who blogged a LOT of terrific looks, and if you haven’t been looking at their work, you really have missed out!

Remember: all of the exclusives at The Boys of Summer are half-off for the rest of the event: you can pick up any of the clothing and accessories I’ve worn in any of my ‘The Boys of Summer’ posts by going here!
This post also includes my first experimentation with natural makeup tattoos: I’ve used makeup for a startling and dramatic effect before, but the stuff Pink Acid has in their shop is much more subtle, much more of a complement to an avatar’s skin and shape than it is an exclamation point with double underlining (like the dramatic stuff you’ve seen on me before).

Ladies, there are accessories you could wear at Boys of Summer, too: the ring in this photo session comes from GlamDammit, and obviously would fit on your fingers, too!

Shirt: Sakide ‘Vintage Summer Tee Palmtree’ (With colorchange hud!)
Tattoo: Zentro ‘Wisdom tattoo’
Skin: LOGO ‘Eternity Tristan – pale – clean shaven bk’
Eyes: pink acid ‘piercing eyes – green’
Lipstick: pink acid: ‘unisex natural lips – 02’
Blush: pink acid ‘Make your own razor blush’
Ring: GlamDammit! ‘Where Eagles Fly Ring’
Shorts: Reila ‘Casualz Bermudas (Black)’
Pose: Posesion ‘Hat 2’

5 thoughts on “Summer Nights – The Boys of Summer

    • Thank you! The lighting was really really just simple stuff: [TOR] DUSK settings (a couple different ones) and playing around with the ‘Est. Angle’ setting on the sun, so that the light was coming from the right direction.
      I also used a facelight on a couple of them.
      Oh and I used oneof the the [TOR] BIG SUN windlights, too (I can’t remember which one: I did these last night half-asleep so that I could get them done before Second Life Saturday started – also known as Shit Don’t Work Saturday).

      • lolol is that what we call it now.. wow i’ve not had a chance to use any of Torley’s settings yet (tsktsk wendy!) played around with them but for some reason, they looked harsher on my screen, and yes when you use the facelight that really evened things out, even gave your outfit that ‘shimmery’ effect.. must try this out

      • The facelight was really because I wanted to have some light on my face but I wanted to get the silhouette effect from having the sun behind. I might have played with one or more of these to add a sundog or two to the image (read: lensflare effect in photoshop): I also probably ought to have used a red or orange light to the facelight, as opposed to stark white.
        However, I’m pretty satisfied overall with these.

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