Putting Some Ducks in a Row

So this is a bit of complaint that crosses my mind from time to time, and never more than after a month or so of the Menstuff hunt (and if you’re a male avatar and need free goodies, Click On Through to the page for the hunt hints and SLURLs, and hunt to your heart’s content for a blue sculpted T-shirt that says ‘Menstuff’ on the chest!).
See, people put a lot of impressive effort into what they make for Second Life.  People crank out I dunno… shirts with terrific prints on them, say.  Or really awesome long hair that’s rigged mesh. Or astonishingly realistic nails for sLink hands – fingernails that look so realistic you can’t believe it.  This flow of creativity is awesome!  People do some amazing stuff with rigged mesh hair (Wasabi Pills comes to mind), or with terrific-looking shirts (tee*fy did some lovely ones in the last round of The Arcade), or they do costumey bits that are reminiscent of everybody’s favorite book for kids, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ (Hi, AUX!)…

…and then they seem to forget, entirely, that people without tits may want to wear these articles.  Note that I didn’t say ‘men’.  There are kid avatars in Second Life too, after all!  Rigged mesh hair that’s shaped in such a way as to ‘leave a space’ for the boobs? Levitates in this weird arch above a male av’s chest.  Or above a kid av’s chest.  Now going back to Wasabi Pills: the design team there is awesome about making sure that there are some things for boys available (and they label them with masculine names, like ‘Orion’ or ‘Erik’) as well as some things for girls and boys (like the hair I’ve been living in lately, which is named ‘Dylan’, a nicely androgynous name).
But what about the… T-shirt I saw with this gorgeous tribal print on it and a pair of C-cups sculpted into it?  Sorry, Nath.  Too much bother to put that same image on a mesh template I could buy for L$150, with shadows already available in a texture layer, and then sell it.  Nope, boys don’t buy shirts.  Boys don’t buy hair.  Gonna do what brings me the bang for the buck and sell shirts for the women, they’re who shops after all!

So let’s talk about ‘bang for your buck’. Did you know that, in 2007, slightly more than 60% of the userbase of Second Life was male avatars? Don’t take my word for it, here’s a table of information from Linden Lab themselves.
Okay, so only women shop?  Why is Menstuff one of the biggest groups in Second Life, then?  There’s seriously over twenty thousand avatars who are not male but want to know about what men might wear?  Are you seeing the gaping hole in the logic here?
Okay, but one has to do things that’re gender specific?
I’ll touch on that one in about 35 hours.

My point with this little jabbering was to make plain the assumptions people operate under about gender in SL, so that something that’s yet to come will have more impact and interest.

Yup, [CIRCA]’s Gacha Covered..

So Cherelle Capra did a gacha for her booth at The Twenty-Four, which can be found by clicking here to visit.

But what’s in it? As we all know, her shop, [CIRCA], stocks homewares.  And what homewares has she put together for you this time?


She did tables and little landscapes in boxes, called ‘Scene’ and ‘Scene-scape’ respectively.  This is the Fir Forest in Summer here, and looking closer…


And there are other items, as well, like these geodes:


And of course, doesn’t everybody need rocks with a beetle on ’em?

All of these- and a few others, besides!- are at The 24 until the 31st of August in the [CIRCA] gacha for only L$50 each!  Click here to visit, and go while you still can!

(and let me know if you have a spare of the ‘Water Lilies’ to trade, please!!)

Menstuff – second look

Here’s another outfit from the Menstuff hunt that’s going on now through the end of the month – click here if you want to go hunt!


Stylecard: Pose: Posesion: ‘Minimalist him 4’
Skin: Logo ‘Eternity Tristan Skin – Pale – Clean Shaven – Bk’
Hair: Uncleweb ‘Griffin L Meteor’
Shape: my own work
Eyes: Fatewear ‘Fateyes’
Jacket, shirt, pants: Stormcrow Designs ‘Jacket shirt White’ ‘Trench coat Jacket Black’ ‘Black Leather Pants’ (All from Menstuff)

A Little Stuff for Men…

Here’s an outfit put together from the hunt gifts from the Menstuff hunt, going on now through the end of the month! You should totally have a go at the hunt, as you’ll find shops you didn’t know, and items for men that’re genuine quality, and available for you just by hunting down the sculptie blue T-shirt that’s waiting for you to find it!

You can start the hunt by clicking on one of the SLURLs that’s over here on the website, where you can also find hints for the hunt.

This outfit came from (red)sand: the skin came from Peer Designs: both were gifts on the hunt, as was the hairstyle!


Top and sweats: (red)sand “Mesh Tracksuit Vest” and “Mesh Tracksuit Pants”
Hair: Ali & Alli “Sting Hair Black” (with hairbase)
Skin: Peer “Perry skin Menstuff 2013”

AndrogyMe Challenge (by way of Berry Singh)

So earlier today, Strawberry Singh did a challenge someone else came up with, which she does from time to time.  As I’ve always tried to keep Nath juuust on the masculine side of androgyny, this one appealed to me.  As requested by Arora Zanzibar, in her blog:

Show me your best androgynous / gender neutral / femboi / tomboy – whatever you want to call it – look.  Show me some fashions that you love that don’t have a huge ass and hips and boobs from here to kingdom come.  I would love to learn of some stores that have items to suit these looks that I perhaps didn’t know about before hand.

I think I may have aimed a little more femme than she was hoping for, but I do think I managed to find a border case nonetheless.


not entirely ‘tom-boy/femme-boi’, but still; definitely somewhere between ‘definitely masculine’ and ‘definitely feminine’, yes?


I figured a different sort of ‘somewhere in between’ might be a welcome try. Hope it pleases, Arora!

Poses: PosESion ‘Simple Female 2 & 4’
Hair: Calla for Men ‘Serval Black Tips (White)’
Yukata: Curious Kitties ‘Yukata – Unique’
Eyeshadow: LCDesigns “Eyeshadow Grey 1” and “Eyeshadow Grey 2” (ooops!)
Headpiece: Gizza “CoutreHeadpiece [White]”
Blush: Glamorize “Glowing Blush (Red) 50”

Essay the First: Getting Over It and Second Life

THERE is another sort of glory, which is the having too good an opinion of our own worth. ‘Tis an inconsiderate affection with which we flatter ourselves, and that represents us to ourselves other than we truly are; like the passion of love, and that lends beauties and graces to the object, and makes those who are caught by it, with a depraved and corrupt judgment, consider the thing which they love other and more perfect than it is.

-Michel de Montaigne, Essai X, ‘of Presumption’

Anyone else recognize themselves above?  Anyone else ever spotted themselves having too good an opinion of their own worth?
I have, from time to time (and some might argue, daily), indulged in this particular vice. I do try not to, at least.
It bears note, by the by, that M. de Montaigne wrote these words at least 420 years ago (as 1592 was his final revision of his noteable work, Essais.  But it has some relevance to our very lives today, doesn’t it?)
Why does one presume?  Why does one magnify his self-worth beyond that of everyone else?  Philosophy and sociology have advanced any number of possible answers, of course, but I’m going to modestly advance my own theories, here.

Warning: egos will be shredded, past the more tag.  You are warned.  If you feel your ego’s getting shredded, at least take some comfort in the fact that nobody knows I’m talking about you until such time as you comment.  To paraphrase Mark Twain, “it’s better to be thought an arrogant prick than it is to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

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At the Bottom of Everything – The Thrift Shop

We must hang up in the belfry where the bats in moonlight laugh
We must stare into a crystal ball and only see the past
And in the caverns of tomorrow with our flashlights and our love
We must plunge, we must plunge, we must plunge
And then we’ll get down there,
way down to the very bottom of everything
and then we’ll see it, we’ll see it, we’ll see it
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so Nia did a gacha of pinwheels, which you can find for L$30/pull here.  
A while back, Balaclava! did a gacha full of trickster’s toys for The Arcade, including Circe’s wand that would turn someone’s head into that of a pig.  Sadly, this item’s no longer available.
A further while back I bought a Helter-Skelter amusement park ride from Sammi Sosa off the marketplace.
And very recently, I got some clothes from the Menstuff hunt! A stylecard for Menstuff gifts follows.

Shoes: Mona Lisa Couture, ‘Hiking Boots’
Shirt, Jacket, Pants: StormCrow Designs ‘Jacket Shirt’ & ‘Black Leather Pants’
Skin: Peer Style ‘Perry’

Put it all together, I have done something that makes no sense but makes me giggle.