AndrogyMe Challenge (by way of Berry Singh)

So earlier today, Strawberry Singh did a challenge someone else came up with, which she does from time to time.  As I’ve always tried to keep Nath juuust on the masculine side of androgyny, this one appealed to me.  As requested by Arora Zanzibar, in her blog:

Show me your best androgynous / gender neutral / femboi / tomboy – whatever you want to call it – look.  Show me some fashions that you love that don’t have a huge ass and hips and boobs from here to kingdom come.  I would love to learn of some stores that have items to suit these looks that I perhaps didn’t know about before hand.

I think I may have aimed a little more femme than she was hoping for, but I do think I managed to find a border case nonetheless.


not entirely ‘tom-boy/femme-boi’, but still; definitely somewhere between ‘definitely masculine’ and ‘definitely feminine’, yes?


I figured a different sort of ‘somewhere in between’ might be a welcome try. Hope it pleases, Arora!

Poses: PosESion ‘Simple Female 2 & 4’
Hair: Calla for Men ‘Serval Black Tips (White)’
Yukata: Curious Kitties ‘Yukata – Unique’
Eyeshadow: LCDesigns “Eyeshadow Grey 1” and “Eyeshadow Grey 2” (ooops!)
Headpiece: Gizza “CoutreHeadpiece [White]”
Blush: Glamorize “Glowing Blush (Red) 50”


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