We say that we’re in love

while secretly wishing for rain
sipping coke and playing games-

September’s here again
September’s here again…
David Sylvian, ‘September’
I’ve always been fond of the tail end of September, the dog-end of summer.   Where I live RL it’s always the warmest part of the year, and so people tend to go all out with the summer festivities that we don’t do when it’s the ‘height of summer’- when it’s actually, er, kind of chilly.

I like the dregs of summer, the ‘Indian summer’, as people tend to call it, that we get here.  I find them sort of rejuvenating, really: just a little last hurrah before the rainy season starts and the cold winds start to blow down out of the Arctic.

Conveniently, Calas Galhadon has reopened, just in time for me to model a pair of the stylish knee-length breeches that Schadenfreude has out at Collabor88 somewhere rather like where I went for a wander yesterday evening… Image

And Halloween’s right around the corner.  Happy Autumn, everyone!

Coin. Operated Boy.


So I decided I’d try to learn the melody that the ContraptioN Orchestrion ‘Historia de Novo’ plays.  It’s tricky.
Thankfully, I have a captive audience while I practice: a batch of Half-Deer’s Woodland Animals. 

And I have a couple good lights to see what I’m doing, too: the Trompe Loeil Deco Floor Lamp and the bbqq Silhouette Lamp – Owl. 

And a toy piano from Balaclava!! to try to learn it on. 

Yeah, it’s more stuff from The Arcade.  That’s still running for a week, in case you needed something out of it!

Yo dawg, I herd u liked memekips…

Look at all the fucks final

The meme challenge Berry came up with today (over here) is simple:

Meme instructions: Take a RL meme and bring it into SL. Or, if you prefer, create a new meme of yourself. Don’t forget to leave a link to your meme in the comments of this post if you decide to do one.

As I had this photo just waiting to be used from a while back, and as the sentiment was firmly in my mind over the past 24 hours, ta-da.

Trompe Loeil lamps (yay!), from The Arcade

Cory Edo is the designer at Trompe, and she always does interesting stuff.  When I saw that the Arcade was going to have her lamps in it, I was pleased as punch!  And I couldn’t pick one I liked better than the others!  And because I have a blog, Cory actually just tossed me a review copy of ALL of them!  How handy is that?  So let’s get a look at these bad boys…

trompe lamps 1

Here’s yours truly, surrounded by a truly bright crowd.  There’s something for everybody in this batch of lamps, and I really can’t decide which ones I want to have sitting around the house!

trompe lamps 2

here’s another angle on them, highlighting what is (at least, right now) my favorite, the ‘Antique Floor Lamp with projection lighting’.  Look at the pretty shadows it casts… but, of course, there are other lamps here.

trompe lamps 3

One thing I love about the Trompe pieces is the attention to detail that goes into them.  Look at the harp on this lamp, for instance.  Looks just like you might find looking into a real lamp in your real world livingroom, doesn’t it?  There’s no need to do all that just to have a pretty lamp for a photo, but it adds so much.

trompe lamps 4

Here’s another one of the table lamps that she did, the ‘Rings Desk Lamp’: I just love all the textures she worked into it.

trompe lamps 5

and here’s three others: the green and purple ‘Triple Glass Lamp’ and the modern ‘Squiggle’ lamp.


They’re all at the Arcade right now, for a mere L$50 a pull!

Duck the first: Guys don’t buy home decorations, so I’ll make feminine home decorations

Guys don’t buy anything in SL, do we?  We don’t buy home furnishings and we certainly don’t put them around in our homes.  And women would never want the things guys would want in their homes. ImageNope.  Guys never buy anything for their homes at all.

The oars and the boat are both from Apple Fall’s ‘Pour Homme’ gacha which is currently at The Arcade, and are a mere L$75 each.
I’ve so far seen them in my living room, and in the homes of several ladies, who love ’em to bits.  Similarly, the chair was another gacha gift from March at the Arcade, the Alouette ‘Bibliotheque’ chair.  It comes with 4 poses for each gender, and a bunch of ‘reading’ poses (as well as a set of books for your avatar to hold while using those poses).

Nope, you couldn’t make something in home furnishings that’s not flowers and crap that women would buy. Not at all.