Duck the first: Guys don’t buy home decorations, so I’ll make feminine home decorations

Guys don’t buy anything in SL, do we?  We don’t buy home furnishings and we certainly don’t put them around in our homes.  And women would never want the things guys would want in their homes. ImageNope.  Guys never buy anything for their homes at all.

The oars and the boat are both from Apple Fall’s ‘Pour Homme’ gacha which is currently at The Arcade, and are a mere L$75 each.
I’ve so far seen them in my living room, and in the homes of several ladies, who love ’em to bits.  Similarly, the chair was another gacha gift from March at the Arcade, the Alouette ‘Bibliotheque’ chair.  It comes with 4 poses for each gender, and a bunch of ‘reading’ poses (as well as a set of books for your avatar to hold while using those poses).

Nope, you couldn’t make something in home furnishings that’s not flowers and crap that women would buy. Not at all.


6 thoughts on “Duck the first: Guys don’t buy home decorations, so I’ll make feminine home decorations

    • Yes, exactly. Also, I was looking for good examples of items that a man OR a woman might use, for situations like gachas, hunt prizes, & so on. I think anybody would be stoked to have that nautical stuff in their house if they wanted to bother with home decorations, yes? So… anybody who played a gacha with pictures of these on it would be stoked, right? And more of the 3 guys who DO decorate their homes (Editorial Clarity, me, and, uh, one other guy out there) would be likely to spend L$ on the goodies alongside the women, right?
      And the boat’s materials-enabled, now I need to figure out how to flip on materials and get a photo!

  1. I actually grinned when I saw how this set was called. Same as vanities for women. Since when can’t a guy use a baroque styled vanity? If memory serves correct they were made for and by men in the first place. But oh wait, that is rl and history. My boo. As I said before, I like your posts, the critique and the way you word it. Please don’t stop doing it.

    • I definitely am aiming here not to shame creators and artisans who are in SL, but rather to hold up some examples of perfectly awesome stuff that boys and girls would both like… and explode some of the myths that talented creators tell themselves about boys not buying things / not wanting things / being hard to make things for.
      Odds are they’ll mostly come from the current round of the Arcade, but well… that’s where I’m shopping currently.

  2. At least you can get into the Arcade! I agree, there are many talented designers out there. It’s funny to see how most people in SL, players, designers, everybody thinks in stereotypes. People will be people. Women have big boobs and men don’t decorate. It’s the way of the world.

    • Oh, I only got in once: I used the ‘Gacha Galley’ link to do most of my shopping there.
      All women want jiggly bits named after a transvestite that Ray Davies wrote a song about. It’s totally, totally true.

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