Trompe Loeil lamps (yay!), from The Arcade

Cory Edo is the designer at Trompe, and she always does interesting stuff.  When I saw that the Arcade was going to have her lamps in it, I was pleased as punch!  And I couldn’t pick one I liked better than the others!  And because I have a blog, Cory actually just tossed me a review copy of ALL of them!  How handy is that?  So let’s get a look at these bad boys…

trompe lamps 1

Here’s yours truly, surrounded by a truly bright crowd.  There’s something for everybody in this batch of lamps, and I really can’t decide which ones I want to have sitting around the house!

trompe lamps 2

here’s another angle on them, highlighting what is (at least, right now) my favorite, the ‘Antique Floor Lamp with projection lighting’.  Look at the pretty shadows it casts… but, of course, there are other lamps here.

trompe lamps 3

One thing I love about the Trompe pieces is the attention to detail that goes into them.  Look at the harp on this lamp, for instance.  Looks just like you might find looking into a real lamp in your real world livingroom, doesn’t it?  There’s no need to do all that just to have a pretty lamp for a photo, but it adds so much.

trompe lamps 4

Here’s another one of the table lamps that she did, the ‘Rings Desk Lamp’: I just love all the textures she worked into it.

trompe lamps 5

and here’s three others: the green and purple ‘Triple Glass Lamp’ and the modern ‘Squiggle’ lamp.


They’re all at the Arcade right now, for a mere L$50 a pull!


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