We say that we’re in love

while secretly wishing for rain
sipping coke and playing games-

September’s here again
September’s here again…
David Sylvian, ‘September’
I’ve always been fond of the tail end of September, the dog-end of summer.   Where I live RL it’s always the warmest part of the year, and so people tend to go all out with the summer festivities that we don’t do when it’s the ‘height of summer’- when it’s actually, er, kind of chilly.

I like the dregs of summer, the ‘Indian summer’, as people tend to call it, that we get here.  I find them sort of rejuvenating, really: just a little last hurrah before the rainy season starts and the cold winds start to blow down out of the Arctic.

Conveniently, Calas Galhadon has reopened, just in time for me to model a pair of the stylish knee-length breeches that Schadenfreude has out at Collabor88 somewhere rather like where I went for a wander yesterday evening… Image

And Halloween’s right around the corner.  Happy Autumn, everyone!

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