Oh heck, it’s more Lapoint & Bastchild footwear

Just when I thought I wasn’t going to spend lindens, here come Bastchild and Paul with two new sets of dress shoes.  They’ve brought out mesh buckled loafers and wingtips.

Now I’m showing these to you, first, in white.  Why in white?  As a friend of mine points out, white textures are the really hard ones.  Getting a pair of black leather pants isn’t too hard: paint ’em black, smear on some glossy, and voila: black leather texture.
But what about the subtler highlights and shadows that a white leather calls for? There’s a lot of folks who’ve tried it, but I have to agree with Nigel Riel: you don’t find a really prime white leather texture every day.
OK, so check this out.

Of course, there are other
color options…
Now what’s especially awesome is that these shoes are a mere L$499.  That sounds like a lot, sure! …except these come with a HUD, so you can choose from 12 different leathers
4 different buckle textures and 15 socks
and also, last but not least, 22 count them 22 skin color choices, if you’re going to be daring and go sockless.
You also get a scripted resize. not ONLY sizing it up or down by increments of 1, 5, or 10% but ALSO, you can change the shape of the shoe, stretching it from toe to heel, from bridge to sole, or across the width.  
For $499, you get an awful lot here, don’t you???

The suit I’m wearing is from Vengeful Threads, their ‘Dia De Los Muertos’ suit.  It’s apt for November 1, as today is when Hispanic culture takes a moment to remember the dearly departed, offering up favorite foods and drinks to them, and laying paths of marigolds to guide the spirits to the homes they loved so dearly in life. Vixn, VT’s coutuerieuse (that’s the french feminine for ‘clothesmaker’, right?), painted the calaveras and the flowers herself.

So hey, that’s the new shoes!  And one last photo for the holiday…
I’ll probably sit down and do the wingtips sometime soon, as they’re just as stunning… but right now, I’ve got a social engagement.  That’s what’s fresh in SL today!


2 thoughts on “Oh heck, it’s more Lapoint & Bastchild footwear

  1. For all those options great value. Sending those males I know the landmark now. Because it shouldn’t be just women wearing great shoes in sl!

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