Who knows who wrote that song of Summer, that blackbirds sing at dusk?

This is a song of color.
I think we all have a favorite color for the sky.  Some people like the bright gaze of the sun to warm their skin, to tan their skin: some others have been one acquainted with the night.
I’ve always liked the time in between.  The night’s gathered up her skirt and while she’s still on the horizon in the west, the sun is making himself known — even though he has yet to rise in the east.


And in between the two, not the bright blue that the sun trails and not the blackness that makes the moon so crisp, there’s my favorite color.  It’s a vibrant, iridescent blue… and I finally found it on a windlight setting.
It’s interstitial: that point between day and night, between sleep and waking, between warm and cool.  A blue that promises that what’s to come will be different than what was. 
RL, I grew up in an area deeply contaminated by mercury arc lights, which wouldn’t matter save that there’s also almost always low clouds or fog at dusk, which makes it… difficult to see the color of the sky as day becomes night.
And who the hell wants to be up at dawn??
Even laying awake in bed to stare at a skylight and watch night turn to indigo turn to cerulean turn to sky, there’s still something less than terrific about mornings, to me.  It’s probably just my own problem.
Natural light, though, there’s so many different colors, aren’t there? There’s the greenish haze one sees on a still summer’s day, there’s the reddish hues of sunset, there’s the blazing yellow of dawn: what’s your favorite color? Why is it your favorite: is there another color that’s as good?


I guess part of what I like about this color, this interstitial blue, this #11259E (as HTML calls it), is that promise of change, of shifting and differentiation.  I like how it wraps itself around the first star one might see in the night, or how it sets off the bright jewel of Venus on the horizon in the morning.
I like how it seems so bright and vibrant despite the fact that it is so dim and dusky.
I like that it’s between: not-this and not-that.


I like how in the dusky closeness of our homes at this hour we feel safe, isolated and separate from the vibrant promise of this color, even though this color only promises… change. 
I like how it inspires me to jabber on pointlessly, too.


It’s been a pleasant day RL, and finding the twilight blue color in windlight settings was quite a pleasant bit of serendipity.

The house in these photos is Barnesworth Anubis’ ‘industrial loft’, available at Collabor88 for L$388.  The multibulb fixture that hangs in front of the fireplace is from Circa, and costs L$188. You can visit Collabor88 for yourself, and pick up either- or see what else they’re offering!

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