Thrift Shop 3.0

So I went browsing at the Thrift Shop this round and I have to say- I am pretty happy with the stuff intended either just for boys, or simply for humans!  Let’s have a peek.

This set of jeans and a blazer came from Citrus, as did the shoes!

Here’s the Mens Jeans Green, the Mens Leather Fall Jacket, and the Canvas Shoe Dress Black. 
Here, though, take a closer look: the textures on this stuff are amazing!

Citrus had several things for men, all of which fit well, but this isn’t the Citrus post… 😉
Here’s the Chess Shirt with T-shirt Blue and the Men Short Classic Linen, both from J&A Rock Culture:

And a little closer in on the shirt, so you can see one of the Gacha prizes from Geek, the ‘burgergeek party-crown pak -Classic-‘


This was the cheap and easy, then: I may be able to dig out some womenswear that a man can get away with, too: I’ll keep you posted!  More information on the Thrift Shop is here, at the site.

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