Is It Any Wonder, You’re Oh Too Cool to Fool? (Faa-aame…) ♫

Someone informed me yesterday evening, quite unexpectedly, that he (or she) was anxious about talking to me because I’m an SLebrity.  And my first reaction was ‘wait… I’m an SLebrity? I just figured I was a noob who’s been at it for a while’.  What changes when someone decides you are an SLebrity (that is, a celebrity in SL)?


Your idols have feet of clay, ladies and gentlemen.  Let them be people, warts and all, and I guarantee that it’ll be more fun when they randomly ask if you have a gacha prize that they are looking for or something!

So yes, apparently, someone got the impression I’m all Serious Business.  Oops, my bad!  I honestly try to make not taking things seriously into the only thing I take seriously. 🙂


You’re in SL to have fun, and so am I, and so’s she, and so are they, and… everybody using SL uses it to have fun.  Some of us have fun playing at shooting each other with AK47s.  Some of us have fun playing at being fashion models.  Some of us have fun designing buildings.  Some of us have fun being gadflies and jabbering away with others.

Have fun.  If something isn’t being fun, find a way to make it fun.

That’s my 5 Lindens’ worth, anyway.  Which is (exchange vagaries and transaction fees ignored) roughly two cents.

I should note: the person who let me know she thought I was a SLebrity is in NO WAY being mocked here.  Indeed, she made me think about that concept which used to be something I’d entertained and which now is just… really? Okay, I guess you’d have a better view of things from out there.  From in here, it honestly just feels like I’m swimming circles in the same goldfish bowl I’ve been in for a good while now as far as SL goes.  I appreciate knowing someone was peeking in! 😉

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