Oh irony.

A while back I wrote this blog post, about keeping your render weight down when you go to a runway show.  Today, at 4 SLT, I went to a runway show to cheer on a friend as he did his first walk for a major designer, and got ejected from the parcel and banned by one of the folks from the modeling agency.  This was half an hour after the show started.

This sort of came out of the blue, so I IMed him to ask:

‘Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering why I got ejected and banned?’

No reply.  Talking to another friend who was at the show got that friend to ask him: apparently I had a lot of scripts going on and therefore merited being thrown out and ignored completely.  I was a bit mystified, as I’d thought I had stripped all the scripts I had off, so I dug around…

…and realized I had my chim on.  Ooops!  Well there’s a ton of scripts… stupid me.

I’m not naming names because I don’t actually want to give anyone grief over it.  I was in the wrong: I shouldn’t have been running a ton of scripts at a show, as I had said was a bad thing to do to the folks at a show.

It might have been worthwhile to say something like ‘you are running a lot of scripts.  Please take off the scripts you are running, or leave.’ before banning someone from the sim where you do your modeling forever and ever and ever.  I think anyone who was seeing that would realize they were doing something inappropriate and stop it.

My two cents worth, anyway.  But hey, first location I’ve ever gotten banned out of, in 5 and a half years? I guess I’ve been mostly doing it right.


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