So this post is about one of the most awesome silly things I’ve found in Second Life.  It’s a Dalek costume.


You can tell from the fine attention to detail that you are going to be the life of the party.  When you click the hat, it shrieks one of five different variations on ‘YOU WILL BE EX-TER-MIN-AT-ED!!’ in the lovely tones of a Dalek’s synthesizer.  Clicking on the Dalek’s body will command “SI-LENCE!!”
But check out the level of detail in this outfit!


The attention paid to detail is unceasing: just as the plunger appendage of the Dalek is so lovingly rendered, so is the skirt of the unit:


There is one problem that this costume does not address though.



The Low Budget Dalek Costume is by ‘Love, Ashley’, and can be found handily on the Marketplace, for all your EX-TERRR-MI-NATE-ion needs.   Enjoy!

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