A huntsman came past… (AZE Jewelry Designs @ Enchantment)

A huntsman came past, and bethought himself, “How can an old woman snore like that? I’ll just have a look to see what it is.”


He went into the room, and looked into the bed; there lay the wolf. “Have I found you now, old rascal?” said he. “I’ve long been looking for you.”

He was just going to take aim with his gun, when he bethought himself, “Perhaps the wolf has only swallowed granny, and she may yet be released.”

Therefore he did not shoot, but took a knife and began to cut open the sleeping wolf’s maw.


When he had made several cuts, he saw a red hood gleam, and after one or two more cuts out skipped Red Hood, and cried, “Oh, how frightened I have been; it was so dark in the wolf’s maw!”


This session of Enchantment focuses on Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf, but the items I got to blog focused rather neatly on the character I was always curious about as a boy.  Who was this hunter?  Why did he call Red Riding Hood’s grandmother Granny?  Was it just what he called any older woman he met?  Was he maybe Red’s cousin? Her brother?

The story, unfortunately, doesn’t shed any light on these questions.

AZE Designs provides a few goodies for the Hunter in your fairytale.  The necklace above is the first of these, the ‘Baneful Wolf’s Eye Necklace’.  It comes in two versions – one clean, one bloodied.  There are also three wrist cuffs for both wrists available.

The Huntsman:


The Wolf Hunter,


and the Woodsman.


You can find all three at the Enchantment event currently going on at this location (click to visit)!


Jacket: V Twins ‘Montana (Smoke)’
Pants: Lapointe & Bastchild ‘Drift’
Skin: Logo ‘Eternal Tristan – pale – shaved – bald’
Hood: AXIX ‘Voodoo Hood – basic black’ (from the Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Sword: The Bitten Prim ‘Queen’s Guardian in Gold & Black’
Hands: SlInk ‘AV Enhance male’
Eyes: FATEeyes
Hair: Wasabi Pills ‘Orion’
Pose (in first photo): Diesel Works ‘Dante 1’
Pose (in other photos): Dante 1 + some work with Animare to bring up the right hand

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