‘Tis the season…

…because, obviously I didn’t have anything else going on today, what with the MEGAstuff hunt kicking off tomorrow, The Arcade kicking off tomorrow, Fashion Pride a week and change out, and other stuff, Damien Fate of FATEwear was generous enough to put the whole blessed shop on sale for 50% off today.  So clearly I needed some new shirts and ties to go with the Edward suit I bought some time ago!


And here I am, blogging about it…

The FATEwear Edward suit comes in a variety of colors (I got it in London), and has the added bonus of addon shirts (in seven different colors, making eight with the white shirt it comes with), styles (5 different styles of the suit: with or without waistcoat, shirt tucked in or out, tie or no, blazer buttoned up or no…), and with 16 possible neckties past the two that it comes with initially (yes, 16. The green one here is one of those 16).


Don’t just walk to FATEwear to shop- don’t even run!  Everything they sell is on sale for half-price, even the roleplay outfits (which I didn’t allow myself to browse), and you can get it by clicking here.

Hair: Argrace ‘Itsuki Black’
Skin: LOGO ‘Eternal Tristan pale – bald – shaved’
Eyes: FATEeyes
Hands: SlInk AvEnhance ‘Male Hands – Relaxed’
Suit: FATEwear ‘Edward suit – (B)’ w/ tie and shirt add-ons
Desk set (comes with laptop, accessories & all) Bauwerk ‘Working Desk’ from The Mens Dept

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