Another non-Monday Monday Meme Typing Photography Thing

Today, since I was into the idea, we have this challenge, from Strawberry Singh’s blog:
Create a book cover to show your avatar in fiction. It does not have to be based on a real book, it can be one that you make up. Don’t forget to leave a link to your cover in the comments and share it in the Blog Memes flickr group.

I figured I’d just give it a passing go with an old photo – but the requirement that my avatar be depicted made this a bit trickier than I’d expected!  However, I did finally find something that seemed appropriate, given how much this week has felt like being nibbled to death by geese.

SL book

I know, totally looks like an 80s Ballantine Fantasy cover, doesn’t it?  The font probably helps here, somewhat, but…

And no, I’m not annoyed at anyone who’s looked for my attention on this, that, or the other.  I’ve had a fair bit on my plate RL this week, so I haven’t had as much attention as I would like to have had. Hopefully, everyone’s doing well without me! 😉

New Hair from Tableau Vivant – and three designers from Fashion Pride (Gabriel, Tou-Gen-Kyo, and Zuri Jewelry)

So I managed to get into Collabor88 last night, late, as there was a hair I particularly wanted to check out.  After a bit of time waiting for things to rez (if you go to Collabor88, allot some time just for things to become visible), I found the demo for the Tableau Vivante hair I was curious about. And after trying it on I immediately spent money.
Once I got home with my purchase, I started debating what I had around that would suit the hair well, and while I was getting tired and groggy, I did manage to come up with a great look and a great set of poses, using stuff that’s from Fashion Pride!

gabriel jeansjacket1

The jacket and shirt are from Gabriel, the necklace is from Zuri Jewelry, and the pose is from Tou-Gen-Kyo.   I like how this hair (Tableau Vivante’s ‘Low’) does a great job of being a somewhat loose ponytail; it’s one suited to men or women (there’s a version for both at Collabor88, and while I didn’t grab the women’s demo, my sneaking suspicion is that the difference is really about the size, as men in SL tend to have bigger heads), and available in a ton of color packs.

Let’s get a closer look at the jacket here, though: keep in mind that I didn’t post-process anything here, so you can ooh and ah over the beautiful piece that Gabriel is offering, rather than my photoshop skills!

gabriel jeansjacket2

Check out those cuffs- and the softly battered texture of the denim.  This is a really great piece of work!  And you can see the ponytail too, in this Low profile view…

gabriel jeansjacket2a

As you can see, there’s a lot of texture in the sculpt on this jacket, too.  I’m really quite impressed with it (you probably already guessed that, though).

That said, there’s something that came UNexpectedly to me, here.  The poses I’m using in this post are all from the Tou-Gen-Kyo design team, who assure us the sim will reopen on the first of May after some retooling (I’m going to guess that some landscaping and some retexturing is going on).  I didn’t know they did poses, or that they did such nice and clean ones!

gabriel jeansjacket3

Really, quite a lovely ensemble, and the capper on it is the Zuri Jewelery ‘Balm in Gilead blue’ necklace that I tossed in as a whim, but which actually… really settles in quite nicely to the whole.

zomg hair zeeohemgee

So hey, I hadn’t realized that Fashion Pride would be a one-stop shop for all your avatar’s attire needs!  But here’s the proof. 😉


Poses: Tou-Gen-Kyo ‘fp_mp_02’, ‘fp_mp_05’, and ‘fp_mp_06’
Hair: Tableau Vivante ‘Low – Black’
Shirt and Jacket: Gabriel ‘Denim Jacket Blue’
Necklace: Zuri Jewelry ‘Balm In Gilead blue’
Skin: LOGO ‘Eternal Tristan – bald – shaved bk’
Hands: Slink AvEnhance ‘Male Relaxed’
Eyes: FATEeyes

Vero Modero – Fashion Pride

I know it probably seems like I’m pushing this event very hard, but I promise: the only reason I am is because there’s some amazing clothing that’s going to be at it!  Well that and the fact that anything truly stunning in menswear deserves a bit more exposure…
Again, Fashion Pride is a charity benefit to help Second Pride with the cost of the festivities to come later this year, and to help the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) in their mission of aiding persons with AIDS, as well as helping prevent the disease’s spread.

This suit’s from Vero Modero, and is the aptly named ‘Pride’. Continue reading

Fashion Pride is coming

Fashion Pride, an event to raise funds for both the ACT (AIDS Council Toronto) and for Second Pride, is only a week away!  There’s going to be a lot of gorgeous stuff available: I thought I’d start with the item that really caught my eye.

Shiki has done a suit and a dress named ‘Bleeding Heart’ as an exclusive for the event; I tried on the suit and fell in love… and I don’t even like me in red!

Image Continue reading