Fashion Pride- something for the ladies…

So last time I blogged about Fashion Pride (starting in just a few days!), I focused on the red suit for the guys, as I was completely taken aback by it when I rezzed it up.  This time, a few outfits – one for the guys, and two for the ladies.

And as I’m not the sort to stand on tradition, gentlemen first.


The shirt is from Zanzo, named ‘Henley’: it’s mesh, and it fits a lot more closely than I’m used to a tanktop fitting with mesh!  The glasses are from blackliquid, the ‘Pride Hybrid 2’, and are just fabulously glam – as well as having that pride rainbow thing going on.  Here’s a closer look at those:


That’s it for the boys: this post is mostly for the women.

I’ve been really pleased by the stuff that is going to be at Fashion Pride for the ladies!  Some really remarkable pieces of work; first off, the Shiki ‘Bleeding Heart’ gown.


The way Shinichi realizes gauzy, fluffy textures with prims is a thing of wonder.  Here’s a closer look at that, as well as a closer look at the details of the skin from Kyxe, named ‘Pearl Makeup 03’ (yes, no lipstick, eyeliner or eyeshadow tattoos in this photo):


This little cocktail dress could go wonderfully in all sorts of situations, though here, we’re seeing it in my livingroom.

The other dress I wanted to show you is from Silk Dreams, and is named ‘Kristina’: there are several colors of it, but I liked the green.


It’s worn here with the ‘Mothers Love Onyx Opal’ necklace and bracelet from Zuri Rayna.  I thought the fine detail of the embroidery on the dress worked very well with the intricate settings and stones of the jewelery.  Here’s another shot of that outfit:


All the items above (except for the men’s skin, both his and her shapes, and both hairs) come from Fashion Pride, which will be running starting the 10th!  More information on this charity event to benefit AIDS Committee of Toronto) can be found on the event’s blog.  I hope to see you there!

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