The 100 Block – Camouflage

The room was dark, it looked like someone had to get out fast
A window open by the fire escape
How long have you been following this guy, the bellboy asked
Not long enough, ’cause we got here too late
And everybody wants another piece of the pie today, he said
You gotta watch the ones who always keep their hands clean

It’s the big heat, there’s someone followin’ you
It’s the big heat, step aside, we’re comin’ through

Well, we followed him from Tucson, ended up in Baton Rouge
We trailed him with information by
A woman he knew in Barstow that would like to see him dead
That was four weeks ago?? Well, maybe five
And everybody wants another piece of the pie today,” she said
You gotta watch the ones who always keep their hands clean

-Stan Ridgway, ‘Camouflage’

OK, so I did in fact wind up with one last post to do about The 100 Block that involved guy’s clothes.  This was, actually, the first outfit I played around with: I’ve been saving the outfit I like best that I cobbled together for last! Continue reading

The 100 Block – Razor dress, WoW skin

So at long last I’ve had to bring in a lady to show you some of the goods from The 100 Block.  Hey, 6 posts in and I’m only now having to show you womenswear?  That’s a pretty good representative sample of menswear.

This dress is by Razor, and is an exclusive for The 100 Block.  It comes in a print option and a solid, and there’s a colorchange hud that gives you eighteen colors for the dress and the Lola appliers (yes, it comes with those if you need them), and nineteen for the ties on the dress.


The dress also has a terrific piece of work going on on the back.  Continue reading

Baggy Trousers – The 100 Block

Playing football in the park
Kicking Pushbikes after dark
Baggy trousers, dirty shirt
Pulling hair and eating dirt
Teacher comes to break it up
Back of the ‘ead with a plastic cup

-Madness, ‘Baggy Trousers’

So here we go again into the goodies from the 100 Block. American Bazaar did this gorgeous hoodie and baggy jeans- look how they fit!


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The 100 Block – Aitui ‘Starstruck’ hoodie

Another post from the 100 Block: here’s Aitui’s hoodie, named ‘starstruck’.  It’s available in several color patterns, I’ve just stuck with the black-on-black here.

I love the detail work here!

aitui starstruck1

The mesh fits pleasingly, too!  Here’s the back:

aitui starstruck2

So there’s yet another guy’s item from the 100 Block (there’s quite a variety, I’m finding!)

The 100 Block – In The Colored Costume Of Your Choice

You’re having tea with Graham Greene
In the colored costume of your choice
And you’ll be thought in high esteem
If you’re seen in between
Stiffly holding umbrellas
Catching the fellows making the toast
To the civil servant Carruthers
Making the others worser than most

-John Cale, ‘Graham Greene’

Another post from the 100 Block; here’s a few more of the exclusive items that the various participating vendors are offering.

red sweater seated

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The 100 Block is coming soon

Onward, to Cathay
Then to Mandalay
on to Vladivostok
Where Bolsheviks flock

We’ll send the folks cables
Accumulate labels
Buy souvenirs till we’re in hock
But since we are flat in old Manhattan
Let’s take a walk around the block

-Harold Arlen, ‘Let’s Take A Walk Around The Block’

The 100 Block is returning to Second life starting on the 9th!  I’ve signed on to blog it, for two reasons: first off, I could stand to keep myself on my toes a bit with the blogging (I’ve been a bit lazy), and secondly, this one offers a fun challenge to me.

So I’ll be posting twice a week about what is on offer at the 100 Block – while I don’t doubt I’ll be getting my lovely model Nathalie to show you some of the items that are available, it’ll play nicely into my own desire to help other male avatars… find things for male avatars.

So to that end, let’s take a walk around the (one hundred) Block, shall we?

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