The 100 Block is coming soon

Onward, to Cathay
Then to Mandalay
on to Vladivostok
Where Bolsheviks flock

We’ll send the folks cables
Accumulate labels
Buy souvenirs till we’re in hock
But since we are flat in old Manhattan
Let’s take a walk around the block

-Harold Arlen, ‘Let’s Take A Walk Around The Block’

The 100 Block is returning to Second life starting on the 9th!  I’ve signed on to blog it, for two reasons: first off, I could stand to keep myself on my toes a bit with the blogging (I’ve been a bit lazy), and secondly, this one offers a fun challenge to me.

So I’ll be posting twice a week about what is on offer at the 100 Block – while I don’t doubt I’ll be getting my lovely model Nathalie to show you some of the items that are available, it’ll play nicely into my own desire to help other male avatars… find things for male avatars.

So to that end, let’s take a walk around the (one hundred) Block, shall we?

The first thing I opened, quite literally, was the Easy Hoodie from A:S:S.  It’s available exclusively at the 100 Block, and comes in 6 different fabrics.  Here’s two of them, the plaid first…

100 block the second_002

and then, because I never ever wear the color, here’s the pink:

100 block the second_001

Photos is someone I’ve been acquainted with for a while, and the work he does at A:S:S (which is he and his partner’s shop) was actually NOT how we came to know one another.  I love the work that A:S:S does, though! The textures are always sharp, crisp, and the design decisions he makes are always a nice combination of fun and sexy.

The poses are from Infinity, part of the Male set they did for the 100 Block named ‘M.Basics’.

The easter basket and the bunny ears are not from the 100 Block, mind: the ears are by Remarkable Oblivion, and the basket’s something from a hunt I did a couple years ago (always save the box).   The proximity of the Easter holiday to this event, however, had me thinking about Easter egg hunts, so that’s why I look like I’m ready for one.

So the poses and the hoodies are from The 100 Block, which you can find by clicking here!  There’s more to come on my blog from The 100 Block, too, so keep your eyes on this channel.


Top: A:S:S ‘Easy Hoodie’ in Plaid and Pink
Jeans: L&B ‘S’wear Men’s Boot Cut jeans (dark blue)’
Skin: Clef de Peau ‘Samuel T4’
Eyes: FateEyes
Hands: SlInk AVEnhance ‘Relax’
Hair: Argrace ‘Itsuki – Black’
Shape: Made it myself

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