The 100 Block – In The Colored Costume Of Your Choice

You’re having tea with Graham Greene
In the colored costume of your choice
And you’ll be thought in high esteem
If you’re seen in between
Stiffly holding umbrellas
Catching the fellows making the toast
To the civil servant Carruthers
Making the others worser than most

-John Cale, ‘Graham Greene’

Another post from the 100 Block; here’s a few more of the exclusive items that the various participating vendors are offering.

red sweater seated

The sweater is from Etham.  Looking at this picture after I took it put me in mind of the song, as the sweater is available in 12 colors!
The hair in this photo is a late addition (which is why it isn’t through the whole post): it’s another 100 Block exclusive from Adoness.  It’s available in multiple colors, and is intended to go with some really awesome hair bases.  Here’s a close up of the ‘shaved damask: blonde shades 1’ hairbase that Adoness did for this hair: the other (which may turn up later) is called ‘shaved ornament’.

brown sweater close-up

Also, in this photo, we have Sour Pickles’ ‘MESh Gauged Ears River’ – yeah, another event exclusive.  There’s a colorchange hud for all the textures on the ear (so all the gems, all the rings, the hoop in the earlobe, as well as the ear itself), and while I’ve never used mesh ears on my avatar before, I have to admit, I found these really straightforward to tint. There’s another set of ears from Sour Pickles, which have plugs instead of hoops in the earlobes.

The pose below is one of the exclusives from Image Essentials, the ‘Subtle Male 4’: yup, another 100 Block exclusive.  Note the different color to the sweater! And ignore the different hair, as it’s not actually from the 100 block.

sweater outfit 1

Last, but certainly not least, is the Zentro ‘Smile now cry later’ tattoo.  I did a chest shot with the shirt off so you can enjoy the beefcakeget a look at the details on it.

sweater outfit 2


All pics:
Sweater: etham ‘Jared Sweater’ (in various colors)
Skin: Clef de Peau ‘Samuel:T4 Bare’ & ‘Samuel:Blonde Brows T4’
Ears: Sour Pickles ‘MESH Gauged Ears River’
Tattoo: Zentro ‘Smile now cry later tattoo’
Eyes: FATEwear ‘FATEeyes’
Shape: made it myself

First two pics:
Hair: Adoness ‘anaxilea: champagne’
Hairbase: Adoness ‘shaved damask: blonde shades 2’

Rest of the pics:
Hair: Dura ‘*Dura-Boy*37(Sandrift)’ & ‘Sandrift Hairbase’

Third pic:
Pose: Image Essentials ‘Subtle Male 4′

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