The 100 Block – New Green Shirt

There’s a smart young woman on a light blue screen
Who comes into my house every night.
And she takes all the red, yellow, orange and green
And she turns them into black and white.

But you tease, and you flirt
And you shine all the buttons on your green shirt

You can please yourself but somebody’s gonna get it…

-Elvis Costello, ‘New Green Shirt’

Today’s new green shirt is one of the exclusives from The 100 Block – the Fleur shirt & Tie, which comes from SwaggedOut.  It comes in four colors: I’m only showing you three because vain me doesn’t look good in Mustard.  You can pick it up at the 100 Block event, hosted by Depraved Nation – just like the last several posts I’ve done!

Here’s this lovely untucked shirt and fleur-de-lis tie one last time, in red:
swaggedout red

Hair: Argrace ‘Itsuki black’
Eyes: FATEwear ‘FATEeyes’
Skin: Clef de Peau ‘Samuel’
Jeans: Lapointe & Bastchild Boot Cut dark blue jeans
Shirt: SwaggedOut ‘The Fleur Shirt & Tie’, in Red, Black and Green
Poses: Diesel Works: Gabriel 3 and Morgan 6

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