The 100 Block – Razor dress, WoW skin

So at long last I’ve had to bring in a lady to show you some of the goods from The 100 Block.  Hey, 6 posts in and I’m only now having to show you womenswear?  That’s a pretty good representative sample of menswear.

This dress is by Razor, and is an exclusive for The 100 Block.  It comes in a print option and a solid, and there’s a colorchange hud that gives you eighteen colors for the dress and the Lola appliers (yes, it comes with those if you need them), and nineteen for the ties on the dress.


The dress also has a terrific piece of work going on on the back. 

The skin in these pictures is the Darktan value of the Nawra skin from WoW Skins; here’s another look at the ensemble from behind (along with another color on the dress!):

I have to say: rather like this dress.  If I were the sort who wore dresses more often, perhaps I’d wear it a lot!  For a few more days, you can find this dress at Razor’s booth at The 100 Block, just click here!

The furniture’s a new item NOT from The 100 Block: [CIRCA] has some goods out at the Monochromatic Fair and did them all in varying shades of blue. The clock, the couch, the chair- all are from there.  I’ll probably do some more photos with these items later.  Circa’s booth at The Monochromatic Fair is over here.

Dress: Razor ‘Lolita Shirt Dress – Solid (with HUD)’ – at the 100 Block
Skin: WoW skins ‘Nawra Darktan 01’ – at the 100 Block
Hair: Olive ‘The Flutter Hair – Greyscaled’
Shape: home-baked
eyes: FATEwear ‘FATEeyes’
Poses: Diesel Works ‘Gabriel’ set (3 and 5, I think?)

2 thoughts on “The 100 Block – Razor dress, WoW skin

    • That is indeed me – Jupiter Vale made the shape.
      Thanks! I’m not sure why, but this dress just charmed, me, so… figured I’d do SOMEthing with it.
      One more post coming in a few minutes – for the boys again, though. 😉

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