The 100 Block – Camouflage

The room was dark, it looked like someone had to get out fast
A window open by the fire escape
How long have you been following this guy, the bellboy asked
Not long enough, ’cause we got here too late
And everybody wants another piece of the pie today, he said
You gotta watch the ones who always keep their hands clean

It’s the big heat, there’s someone followin’ you
It’s the big heat, step aside, we’re comin’ through

Well, we followed him from Tucson, ended up in Baton Rouge
We trailed him with information by
A woman he knew in Barstow that would like to see him dead
That was four weeks ago?? Well, maybe five
And everybody wants another piece of the pie today,” she said
You gotta watch the ones who always keep their hands clean

-Stan Ridgway, ‘Camouflage’

OK, so I did in fact wind up with one last post to do about The 100 Block that involved guy’s clothes.  This was, actually, the first outfit I played around with: I’ve been saving the outfit I like best that I cobbled together for last!
camo outfit black

This is the R3volt jacket named ‘Natan’, which R3volt has premiered at The 100 Block as an exclusive.  They did a women’s version too, but I didn’t try to photograph it on me- I don’t have the chest for the mesh. 😉  I love the details- all the wrinkles are carefully shaded and neatly applied to the shape.
I’m wearing it with the Legal Insanity ‘Kurt – Cargo Pants’ which were also from The 100 Block: here’s those a little closer up.  Check out the textures: they’re rich enough it’s like you can almost feel that military cotton.
camo outfit pants
It bears note that the jacket is re-texturable: here it is with a different color on the straps and the body of the coat (I did not change the zipper, which is the other thing you can re-texture).

camo outfit green

Anyone else starting to see a theme..?

The shoes are a deeply-discounted group item from Eudora: L$10 gets you a pair of sneakers ornamented with artwork from Goya, Orange, Nicanor. Dumont and a few others.  Here’s a closer look at them, too:

camo outfit shoes

They have a materials version (photographed above) and a non-materials version both in that L$10 package.

Oh, I almost forgot!! The poses in these photos are ALSO from The 100 Block: they’re infiniti’s contributions to the fair, the ‘m.basic’ 22 and 23 poses.
You’ve still got about half a day to pick up the items that are out at Depraved Nation while they’re still discounted – click here to pay a visit to the sim!

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