I took a friend tonight to a fireworks display that my connection was going to object to photos of. He’d been to fireworks shows in SL before, and kinda went ‘OK, I’ll join you…’ 
Bit of how that played out: 
[20:21] Nath Pevensey (nathaniel.pevensey): Better than you saw last, I hope?
[20:25] [friend]: Haha. Yeah, quite a bit!
[20:26] Nath Pevensey (nathaniel.pevensey): heeh: that’s the thing I think a lot of people miss about SL: it’s better now than it was then.

See, we can get so enmeshed into what was the ‘how it works’ back when we logged in the first time, we can forget that what we’re logging in to is WAY MORE AWESOME. 


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