Hair Fair 2014 – Exile

So anyone who’s followed my blog for any length of time has probably noticed I complain regularly about there not being enough stuff for guys, or less often, not being enough good stuff for guys.

I’m kind of a hair addict, so when friends of mine had early access to the Hair Fair, I figured I’d ask them to keep an eye open for what was new for boys – toss me photos, whatnot. I figured I could man-shop Hair Fair – figure out where what I wanted was found, TP straight to it, buy it, TP out, all in you know, 3 minutes or so.

This was not to be.  But in a good way!See, while I was pinning down who did what hair and which I liked and what demos to hunt for today and and and – Exile’s creator threw a blogger pack of the new goodies from Exile at me (thank you, Kavar!).

high and dry

This is the ‘High and Dry’ hair that Exile did for Hair Fair, modeled by yours truly with a minimum of photoshopping: I wanted to let the hair speak for itself.  Obviously modeled originally for a guy (though I do know a lady who wants it badly…), and what fun it is! All these chaotic stray locks, all this mussy fun: it reminds me of a lot of what I like about Exile’s ‘Tidal’ hair.  But with a more rockabilly look.

I played around with this one for a bit, as well, look at it (I don’t know if I’ll ever take it off!):

high and dry2

Then, I decided I’d try the other one intended for those of us without a bustline: it’s named ‘From Yesterday’.  I tried it in my usual basic black and found that it didn’t work on me: as I described it to a friend ‘I look like Gollum in drag’.  So I tried it in a different color: it was obviously a good shape that Kavar built in mesh, after all; maybe I just needed a new texture.

from yesterday

I’m not sure what my band’s name in this hair is, but we own on Tuesday open mic at the local bar!  I love how there’s a variety of locks going on- it’s not what I like to call ‘hedgehog hair’ (which you don’t see much anymore anyways, granted, but).  That is, each lock is separate, unique, and doesn’t mimic the one to left and right, or the ones that are offset by 50% of width above or below.  Here’s another look at From Yesterday:

from yesterday2

Yes the locks do float a bit on me.  I do have to point out that my avatar is a somewhat slender build: you may well find that it floats a LOT less on you.

So those are the new hairs from Exile that are available at Hair Fair: you can learn all you need to know about Hair Fair on their blog.  The event opens in about an hour and a half, and the sims WILL be slammed to death for a few days.  There’s a group you can join for demos (referenced on their blog, or check my profile info inworld): I recommend that strongly, as you can try everything on, decide ‘I want the hair from Robinson Crusoe and the one from Catfish and also the one from Jealous Prostitute’, TP in, grab what you want, and TP out.


2 thoughts on “Hair Fair 2014 – Exile

  1. I should point out: no photoshop on the last 3 photos, too: I figured I would let the hair speak for itself. It’s not my photoshop skill you’re buying. Any graininess in the image or rastered edges are the fault of my crappy videocard. 🙂

  2. I feel that I should point out: I went for ‘here’s the basics’ with these shots. Nigel Riel has covered another hair, as well as playing with the whole shebang of the color HUD, over at! Gorgeous photo a a lot more details about the settings available.

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