A Strawberry Singh meme: Computer Specs

Since I have a little bit between things that I need to get done this morning, I figured I’d peek at what Berry had up for the Monday Meme Of Challengy Questionnaireishness. And it was one which plays into the fact I’ve been working up specs for a new piece of hardware lately, as well as the fact that I like helping people make graphics go vroom.

So, without further adieu!

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Le boulevard des rêves brisés – Argrace, Mohna Lisa

Hey gang.  I’ve been putting off buying this hair for a while- I demo’ed it, I loved it on me, I just… couldn’t come up with justification for spending the lindens.  I finally did, and was going to do something entirely different with a pose for it but my pose wouldn’t quite work with the set I’d chosen.  So instead, you get these.

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