Le boulevard des rêves brisés – Argrace, Mohna Lisa

Hey gang.  I’ve been putting off buying this hair for a while- I demo’ed it, I loved it on me, I just… couldn’t come up with justification for spending the lindens.  I finally did, and was going to do something entirely different with a pose for it but my pose wouldn’t quite work with the set I’d chosen.  So instead, you get these.

boulevard des reves brises 1

The Cupcake sim, where Milk Motion has their store (along with several other stores), is a lovely rendering of what I’d call Montmartre (specifically, the area within a couple blocks of Les Abbesses Metro), in Paris.  They have a rainstorm set up as well, and that’s why I wanted to come here to show off the Argrace ‘Natsume’ hair.  Argrace always does stuff that’s got these… lusciously rich colors, and this time, they also did a unisex/male hair and a female hair that had water droplets as an option. There’s a hud, and you can choose two raindrops, one raindrop, or ‘dry’.  The hair’s sculpted, however, to hang like it’s wet and clingy even if it’s not covered in the rain that’s soaked it.

The area I chose for the photo, with the right light, kind of put me in mind of the classic ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ portrait of James Dean that you’ve probably seen Nine Million Times And Then Some (but just in case you haven’t, it’s over here on Mr. Helnwein’s website). As the suit, from Mohna Lisa, is named ‘J Dean’, it seemed like a no-brainer to use the original photo as a jumping-off point.  I have to admit- I’m quite pleased with the effect!

boulevard des reves cassees 2

The suit is all mesh- in several sizes- and dresses you up from neck to ankle in Mohna Lisa’s lovely textures.  You can make out a bit more about the hair, here… I just look soaked to the skin, don’t I?

One more for the road: here’s a profile view where you can gawp at how absurdly huge my nose is, and also enjoy the textures on the hair.

boulevard des reves cassees headshot

As a friend on Plurk said last night- you just kind of want to reach into the monitor and run your fingers through the hair, don’t you?  I can’t take any credit for that, that’s all Argrace’s good texture work!  I was careful, touching this one up with photoshop, to avoid playing with the hair vey much- I only joined in some pixels that were floating, and tweaked a bit at my ear to get it to look a little more round.

If you need wet hair, I’d definitely suggest Argrace’s two options (the one for women is rigged, and long, and hangs beautifully; I just look odd in it).

Hair: Argrace “Natsume Black (Ebony)”
Skin: Clef de Peau “Samuel”
Eyes: FATEwear “FATEeyes 3.0”
Shape: I made this myself – been trying to imitate the looks of a model by the name of Alexander Beck, lately.
Suit, Cigarette, Shirt, Tie, Shoes, Trenchoat the Whole Damn Thing: Mohna Lisa ‘J Dean suit’

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