Soo Sharkey.

sharkey 1

And Sharkey says: All of nature talks to me. If I could just figure out what it was trying to tell me. Listen:
Trees are swinging in the breeze. They’re talking to me. Insects are rubbing their legs together. They’re all talking. They’re talking to me. And short animals- They’re bucking up on their hind legs. Talking, talking to me. Hey! Look out! Bugs are crawling up my legs!

You know? I’d rather see this on TV.
sharkey 2

And Sharkey says: All night long I think of those little planes up there. Flying around. You can’t even see them, they’re specks! And they’re full of tiny people. Going places.
And Sharkey says: You know? I bet they could all land on the head of a pin!

Paging Mr. Sharkey. White courtesy telephone please.
And Sharkey says: I turn around, it’s fear. I turn around again, and it’s love. And the little girls sing: Ooooeee, he’s Mr. Heartbreak.

On top of Old Smokey all covered with snow. That’s where I wanna… that’s where I’m gonna… That’s where I’m gonna…

sharkey 3


-Laurie Anderson, ‘Sharkey’s Day’

So I was browsing around on plurk looking for something I hadn’t seen before, and there it was.  *BOOM*’s designer has decided that for Shark Week, she will have a shark balloon animal out, suitable to walking around holding (as in the first picture) or for hanging onto for dear life while you fly (I took some liberties here: the object doesn’t over-ride your flying animation.  But I had to make it look that way).
Do you need a shark balloon animal?  How about some nice clothes? Well then, you should visit *BOOM* and pick some up!

And that’s what’s fresh today, disco citizens!


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