Ladies Night!

Girls, y’all got one
A night that’s special everywhere
From New York to Hollywood
It’s ladies night and girl the feeling’s good

Oh yes it’s ladies night and the feeling’s right
Oh yes it’s ladies night, oh what a night, oh what a night!

—Kool & the Gang, ‘Ladies Night’

So one of the curiosities of blogging around Second Life stuff is that every so often you get something that’s nice but… just isn’t you. I’ve got some great harem pants from one shop, but you aren’t ever going to see me wearing them, for example.

This past couple weeks, I’ve gotten a few gifts from shops with a ‘blog if you wanna’ note affixed. The first one I thought ‘well let’s hang onto this for some occasion when I’m going to need to blog some female items…’ and then the next one was ‘okay, these are both-genders, I’ll blog these sometime soon when I have something else they go with…’ and then the next one was a lovely set of furniture that I’d be unlikely to use (I just don’t really need a vanity all that often!), and then came the pearl earrings and I went ‘Okay, OKAY! I GET it already!!’ and dug around in my inventory for the female avatar.

What Photoshop I’ve done on these pics is restricted to the avatar herself: again, I don’t feel like I should be taking away from what you’ll find if you pick these items up. So Nathalie, if you’d be so kind as to– yes, that’s where I need you, thanks.

The first thing I’m going to show you is a new hair from Exile, and is named ‘Day The World Went Away’.  It’s built in all the myriad of tones that you’re used to seeing from an Exile hair, and comes with a colorchange HUD, like Exile’s been doing lately… I rather liked the sort of punky look of it, so I figured I would start there.

front of hair

Nice set of locks, isn’t it? I like how Kavar handles a little body in his hair- he does it with a gentle enough curve that you could tell yourself it’s straight hair, but with enough body as to look natural.  Here’s the back of it:

back of hair

This is a nice job of rigging, too- even with the head turned sharply, the hair still seems to hang naturally. This one’s going to be found at Uber; I’ll dig up a LM before I post the entry.

Now, I was going to show you what I particularly liked the new Exile for, and that’d be the right-hand side. Sure, the long flowing locks are lovely but… here’s the punky part.

Aitui dragon

All that real estate on the right side of the head, left completely empty so you can wear a showy hair-base like the Adoness Shaved Damask with it!  The ear here is the other part of what I wanted to show off. It’s from AITUI, and is one of the rares in the machine AITUI has at The Arcade – it’s the Dragon. All of these ear piercings (or ‘Acryl*imals’, as Jesse named them) are a lot of fun- I especially like the little bit of shine that got worked in with materials.

The ear comes with a very easy-to-use coloring hud, which does a wide range of colors. Here, have a peek:

aitui hud

20 different shades to pick as basic starting points for a skin- sizing ears up and down- a poser to hold you still while you adjust things- is this awesome or what? And as I was enthused about these ears, Jesse threw a beta of the ‘naked’ ears at me to play around with, and there’s another jewelery item to share with you here…

AZE Earring

Now I want to stress- I didn’t do any photoshop work on the ear: that’s how it looks if you just crank your viewer up to Ultra graphics with advanced lighting model on.
I didn’t touch the earring, either. It just looks that stunning. The earrings come from AZE and are at the Jewelery Faire, this month. I imagine we’ll see more of these earrings as I play around with finding something a bit more baroque or medieval looking for my day to day avatar!

And what really brings the whole thing together, of course, is the furniture. CIRCA has a new vanity out that’s deceptively simple-looking. Deceptively?

Circa vanity (top)

Here’s the workspace.  I zoomed in because I wanted to point out: every item on the vanity- the eyeshadow, the liner, the blush, powder, perfume, lipstick, curling iron, hairbrush and still more– also comes as a prop with the furniture, and there’s an animation to suit each of them, along with a few simple sit-and-think poses. This piece is REALLY rich on the animations!

I considered trying to photoshop Nathalie’s reflection into the mirror, but I was tired, and it was getting late… here’s another shot of the whole vanity, however.

So let’s count off what we’ve covered again!

Exile: ‘Day The World Went Away’ hair, in black – this one will be at Uber, but Exile’s shop is over here
AITUI: ‘Dragon RARE’ and ‘Naked Gen 4’ ears (Dragon from Arcade; Naked coming soon at the shop)
AZE: Eger Baroque Emerald Earring (available at Jewelery Fair 2014; as I don’t have an LM, the shop can be found here, and I’m SURE Amilia wants to point you to the fair!!)
CIRCA: ‘Lady Divine’ modern vanity and stool (also at CIRCA’s shop)

Nathalie’s shape was a gift from Jupiter Vale, the designer at Absentia (who did those Steampunk Alice things people went nutso for a while back, remember?); her eyes are FATEeyes, her skin was from the Arcade a few rounds back, her eyeshadow LCDesiGns’ “Eyeshadows Green 01”, lipstick from Glamorize ‘Lumina Lips – Blood Red’, Blush from Glamorise as well, ‘Glowing Blush (Red) 100’, and she wore the Tee*fy Aurora Nightdress in Black.

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