Thrift Shop – Blissiere Scarves

I like keeping an eye on what turns up at The Thrift Shop. Every so often there’s something stunning that maybe I didn’t realize was for a male avatar, initially. So, here’s one that I am extremely pleased with.  These scarves are from Blissiere:  they come in two FOUR fat packs, with differing prints and colors on them.  Here’s the two fatpacks I had unopened: you can see the varying textures that are available here. These are intended to be unisex, so the creator didn’t do them as rigged mesh to allow you to resize them to fit your avatar (if you’re a kid, say…), or adjust how they’re sitting on your avatar (if you’re a guy). blissiere scarves - fatpacksThere’s twofour separate fatpacks available (and all 28 of the scarves are available individually). There’s two sets of textures- 14 in the ‘scot’ group (seven of these are on the left in the above picture), and 14 in the ‘eire’ group (of which seven are on the right).  There are two different meshes, too- the ‘north’ and ‘south’ fatpacks reflect this. I had the ‘Infinity scarf – eire- south’ pack and the ‘infinity scarf – scot – north’ packs to play with here: do keep in mind that if you like one of the meshes more than the other, both mesh shapes are available in both groups of textures that Blissiere offers – I only had the two fatpacks when I was blogging these.
Here’s what the ‘north’ mesh looks like:
scots scarf - headshot This is the ‘infinity scarf – scot – dundee’.  The colors in this bit of the ‘scot’ texture group are mostly pastels- however, that doesn’t mean that a man can’t ever wear them: I find that the bright color of pastel values works well with a dark coat or sweater. The single-looped infinity scarf above is available in the 14 ‘scot’ colors (all of which are named after places in Scotland).

The ‘eire’ textures seem a bit more jewel-toned or earth-toned in color, and there’s a completely different mesh for them: a ‘double infinity’ scarf (which hangs as if it’s been looped around the neck twice).  Below is the ‘double infinity scarf – eire – ennis’; these textures were a little more up my alley, but they’re all honestly quite lovely scarves.
eire scarf - headshot There are, in total, 28 scarves available – in 4 fat packs – at the Thrift Shop event. You could pick up the individual scarves for L$60, or a fat pack for L$200, during the event (the individual scarves will be L$125 after the event; the fatpacks will be L$400).

These are available at the Thrift Shop, as well as a bunch of other nice things.

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