S O R G O sale!

So I found out today that SORGO was having a sale on their goods- everything for L$50! Hurry hurry! So I ran over to shop, and wound up finding out that in addition to doing fun items for his gachas, Arscene Dubrovna also does eyewear… so I sampled a bit, and came home with a couple.


This pair is called ‘Dark’: that’s the name it has, not a reference to the frames or something. I also picked up the ‘Tetsuo’ glasses in tortoise:


These both come with the ability to be worn as sunglasses, but I never see the point of sunglasses in SL, so you can just imagine… or go buy some yourself! The shop is just a click away (it’s just a click away, it’s just a click away…)

I hope you find something new to you that’s fun to view!

Scarf: Mr.Poet ‘Wide Scarf’
Jacket & Shirt: AITUI ‘Layered Jacket – Black_m’
Hair: Wasabi Pills ‘Dylan – Ash’
Eyes: FATEwear ‘FATEeyes’
Skin & eyebrows: LOGO ‘Eternity Tristan Skin – Pale’
Glasses- see above. 😛

New livingroom

So I changed up my skybox, at long last. I realized, after getting my mitts on a skybox I liked the look of very much, that I’d actually been in the one I was last in for a year.
This one has some features I just love about a RL apartment, so. I’m not going to march you through everything about it, I’ll just share one photo:
sofa in nook
The sofa is from Pestique a while back (you can totally find it in the store): the coffee table is the gift from Domus in the still-going-for-a-few-more-days Homestuff hunt. The skybox and the overhead lights are both from Trompe Loeil: the skybox is at Collabor88; the overhead lights are at the Trompe shop. The wreath that you can ALMOST discern on the window was an advent gift from CIRCA- I don’t believe it’s now available. Oh, and the wall sconce of pipes and bottles is from Tarte’s machine at the current round of the Arcade, which you still have 4 days to get to.